Wreathed – Book Review


Wreathed by Curtis Edmonds

We all know what it’s like to grab a book, start reading, and then think, “Oh boy, I’m not cooking dinner or sleeping tonight, because book.

Wreathed is a sparky, well-written romance full of zingers and Chardonnay, as Gwendolyn (“My name is Wendy!”) Jarrett navigates a world peopled by a neurotic mother with an arrest record as long as her arm, a dead uncle, a rather dishy Adam Lewis who just happens to be putting himself on the wrong end of a legal case, and a former classmate who keeps jumping out of the bushes–sometimes literally.

Brace yourself for the unexpected plot-twists. Wait, unexpected plot-twists? Aren’t plot-twists, by definition, unexpected? Well, of course they are, but in most novels the reader can see them coming from a mile away, and in Wreathed I was actually surprised, in a good way! I won’t go into details because I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I did not see that coming. (You want to know what I didn’t see coming, trust me.)

I giggled my way through parts of this book, was reminded of my childhood desire for a house on The Shore, and craved Wawa. Furthermore, while I do not normally like to compare authors to other authors (it feels unnecessarily derivative and rude to people who have slaved to create their own “voice” and creations), I have to say that if you like Janet Evanovich, you’re going to like Curtis Edwards.

You need this book in your life…Want a quick preview? Take a look at the back blurb, below:

Wendy Jarrett never thought she’d meet the man of her dreams at a funeral. But when an old boyfriend of her mother’s dies, Wendy accompanies her to the beach resort of Cape May, New Jersey for the service. There she meets Adam Lewis, nephew of the deceased, who is tall, gorgeous, and available.

Everything seems to be going right for Wendy, until everything starts turning against her. While Adam is undeniably attractive, he is possibly the least romantic person in the world. Wendy then finds out that the dead man’s estate includes an ugly old Victorian house in Cape May–and that dead man’s will leaves the house to her overbearing mother instead of Adam, the rightful heir. Wendy is also being pursued by a jealous former classmate who is intent on making her life miserable.

Wendy decides to take charge of the situation, and drives down to Cape May to figure out exactly why Adam’s crazy Uncle Sheldon left the house to Wendy’s mother instead of Adam. What she finds there will either set her life on a new trajectory or cause her to miss out on her chance at true love.




This guest review was contributed by Interrobanged BooksAside from being a writer, editor, and all-around wordsmith, H.E. Herbert also reviews books and posts them regularly. 

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