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This regards Editorial Reviews written by the Review Staff at The Book Review Directory.

You’re likely reading this because you want more than just a book review. You want an Editorial Review. You want to see how your book stacks up in a professional arena, or perhaps you simply want an honest, objective, and unbiased assessment of your book, feedback that’s difficult to get from your friends, family, and personal circle.


What you’ll receive from an Editorial Review that you likely won’t from a normal book review:

  • A professional insight that may or may not come from a normal book review
  • A solid timetable and deadline
  • “Money quotes,” which are quotes you can use for Editorial Reviews on Amazon, book cover jackets, etc. You can also use them in your book marketing, whatever that may be. You bought it, so you can use it at-will.
  • Likely more exposure
  • With a high rating on a reputable Editorial Review website, your book will always have that in its corner. In a literary world where authors seek ways to stand out, that can help.
  • Likely a deeper level of assessment. If you’re afraid a normal book review will simply give you fluff, an Editorial Review will give you something “meatier.”

“The Book Review Directory’s Editorial Reviews are exactly as advertised. They provided me with an insightful, unbiased review of my book with honest feedback that I can’t always get from friends and family. ” -Scott M. Madden, author of The Mouse Thief

To purchase an Editorial Review for your self-published or traditionally published book from BRD includes:

  • The BRD staff will read your book in-full.
  • We will write a professional, editorial review of your book (approx. 500 words), including “money quotes” you can use for Editorial Reviews on Amazon, book cover jackets, etc.
  • Your Editorial Review will be posted on BRD, including a purchase link.
  • The post will generate two social media shout-outs featuring your book on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+.

The Book Review Directory has a reach of over 9,400 subscribers/readers. Since it was created in 2015, The Book Review Directory has seen over 54,000 visitors and 138,000 page views.

See examples of our Editorial Reviews here.

“No one on the team knows me personally, and yet, they nailed the perspective I was coming from and who my audience is intended to be.” – Rio McKee, author of Real Raw Hope


How it works:

You’ll submit your book manuscript in a Word or PDF document, and the BRD staff will read it in-full. We’ll write up a professional Editoral Review for your book, including quotes you can use for Editoral Reviews on Amazon, book cover jackets, etc. You can quote from our Editorial Review for any sort of book marketing you do.

If the Editorial Review is a 4-5 star review, we’ll naturally post it on BRD, including a purchase link. The post will generate a social media shout-out, featuring your book on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+.

If the Editorial Review is a 1-3 star review, you will be privately shown the review, and you can decide whether we post it or not. If not, it’ll stay with you and nobody else will ever read it.

“Their Editorial Book Review service is welcoming, affordable, fast and highly professional.” – Leora Zairi, author of Deserving Good

With our queue at normal levels, you can expect the book to be read and the Editorial Review to be written within 3-6 weeks. If the queue is rather full, we’ll give you an updated time frame for completion.

An Editorial Review does not directly address spelling/grammar issues and should not be confused with any services given by a book editor. We also don’t post reviews on marketplaces such as Amazon.


Pricing tier based on the word count of your book (in USD):

  • 50,000 words or less: $45
  • 60,000 words: $50
  • 70,000 words: $55
  • 80,000 words: $60
  • 90,000 words: $65
  • 100,000 words: $70
  • 110,000 words: $75
  • 120,000 words or more: contact us

Word count is rounded to the nearest 10k words–no partial stories. There is no minimum word count–short stories are accepted. If you have a book over 110k words, please contact us for further pricing. If you want to submit a series or multiple books in the same purchase, mention that for discount bulk rate pricing.


“Ryan is truly wonderful to work with. He goes the second mile and advocates his clients like no other I’ve worked with. I highly recommend his services.” -Julieann Dove, author of Searching For Sarah

Click here for more testimonials.


Some background on this website:

  • It’s backed up by a Twitter account currently over 5,900 followers.
  • Due to the variety of book reviews featured, it receives a healthy flow from search engines. It varies by the type of book, but recently a book review post of ours, when searched with the book’s title and “book review,” is (at the time of writing this) the number 1 listing on page 1 of Bing (higher than Goodreads’s entry), page 1 on Yahoo, and page 2 on Google.
  • Daily posts
  • The directory of book reviewers grows regularly, and at the time of writing this, there are over 150 book review bloggers listed, making it an excellent resource for people to keep returning.
  • Since it was created in 2015, The Book Review Directory has seen over 52,000 visitors and 130,000 page views.


A few things to consider:

  • All amounts are in USD and only received via Paypal (credit cards are accepted via Paypal). International customers are welcome. Paypal changes over the currency automatically.
  • I reserve the ability to turn down any books or genres that I don’t feel are a good fit for our review staff.
  • No erotica will be accepted. “Spicy” romance is fine.
  • While exposure is guaranteed, a certain number of sales are not guaranteed. The mileage can vary depending on the type of book/service, description, and quality of the cover/image.
  • Cover images and/or descriptions regarding nudity, adult descriptions, or vulgar content will likely be turned down.

To proceed, fill out the form below. I look forward to being in touch with you.



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