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You’re likely reading this because you want more than just a book review. You want an Editorial Review. You want to see how your book stacks up in a professional arena, or perhaps you simply want an honest, objective, and unbiased assessment of your book, feedback that’s difficult to get from your friends, family, and personal circle. 


The Book Review Directory’s Editorial Reviews are exactly as advertised. They provided me with an insightful, unbiased review of my book with honest feedback that I can’t always get from friends and family. ” -Scott M. Madden, author of The Mouse Thief


An Editorial Review for your self-published or traditionally published book from BRD includes:

  • A member of the BRD review staff will read your book cover-to-cover
  • We will write a professional Editorial Review of your book (minimum 500 words), including “money quotes” you can use for the Editorial Review section on book marketplaces, book marketing, book cover jackets, etc.
  • Your Editorial Review will be posted on our website for exposure to our following.
  • The post will generate a social media shout-out, featuring your book on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

The Book Review Directory has a reach of over 11,900 subscribers. Since it was created in 2015, The Book Review Directory has seen over 125,000 visitors and over a quarter of a million page views.

See examples of our Editorial Reviews here.


“I’ve had my books reviewed by over 20 sites and BRD is by far the most comprehensive, well-written, longest, and well-thought out review. I highly recommend BRD to all authors and readers, and will use again.” – M.J. Roberts, author of Rock Hard: Chord Brothers Series


How it works:

You’ll submit your book in a Word or PDF document and the BRD staff will read it in-full. We’ll write up a professional Editorial Review for your book. You can quote from our Editorial Review for any sort of book marketing you do.

We do not post our Editorial Reviews on any website other than our own. If you don’t wish us to post your Editorial Review, once written, simply say the word. 

We do not guarantee positive reviews, and our reviews are not to be taken as an endorsement. We do offer balanced feedback, some complimentary and some critical. We put in great effort to make our critique as constructive as possible. We strive to offer useful information and commentary that authors often use to improve their books.

With our queue at normal levels, you can expect the book to be read and the Editorial Review to be written within 4-6 weeks. If the queue is full, we’ll give you an updated time frame for completion. 


Having such a well-written and honest review ready to post at the same time my book was released has helped boost sales and gives my book a valuable credential.” – Martha Reynolds, author of Villa del Sol


Pricing tier based on the word count of your book, rounded to the nearest 10k words:

  • Up to 70,000 words: $80
  • 80,000 words: $85
  • 90,000 words: $90
  • 100,000 words: $95
  • 110,000 words: $101
  • 120,000 words: $107
  • 130,000 words: $114
  • 140,000 words: $121
  • 150,000 words: $128
  • 160,000 words or more: fill out the form below for pricing


In the price comparison above, notice how cost effective we (BRD) are compared to our competitors, while still providing the quality and care you need. To proceed, fill out the form below, and we’ll send you the invoice within 24 hours. We look forward to being in touch with you.


“I will definitely use them for my next book and any additional ones.” -Frederick Douglass Reynolds, author of Black, White, and Gray All Over   [to read all 73 testimonials, scroll down below the order form on this page]




Here’s what authors have to say about The Book Review Directory’s Editorial Review service:


“The Book Review Directory did a very complete job for me. They spent real time reading my book and blurb, and then they gave me useful feedback. I contacted them on a few occasions with questions, and they were prompt, friendly and clear with their answers.” -Dave Maruszewski, author of Raven, Romda and Ravai: The Dark Beast


“As a new author, I wanted an honest, in-depth editorial review of my debut novel, The Keepers. Family and friends can be wonderful cheerleaders, but let’s face it: we can’t always trust they’re being completely honest. I wanted an independent expert in the business to critique my plot lines, characters, pace, setting, and how my book stacked up in the marketplace. The Book Review Directory delivered. They were on time and their assessment proved invaluable. I highly recommend their service and will hire them again.” -Tan Van Huizen, author of The Keepers


“Working with The Book Review Directory was simple, affordable, and totally worth it. There is something liberating about getting an honest opinion from someone who reads a lot and doesn’t owe you anything. I know that sounds strange, but it is valuable to get an honest review that mentions what you do well and what could be improved. And it’s validating when a reviewer of this caliber likes your work. I’m really glad we chose to work with them and will certainly opt to do so again.” -Amanda Quintenz-Fielder, author of Möbius Syndrome: Catalyst


“I’ve been using The Book Review Directory for over a year and I have only positive things to say. I’ve had my books reviewed by over 20 sites and BRD is by far the most comprehensive, well-written, longest, and well-thought out review. The team with BRD showed great clear communication, fast responses to any messages, a beautifully displayed review page, faster-than-expected delivery, and generally overall great initiative and a wonderful overall attitude. I’ve used both the longer editorial and the paid display ad services and have found everything BRD does to be exceptional and well worth the money. I’m very pleased with the end result. I highly recommend BRD to all authors and readers, and will use again. 5 out of 5 stars, no doubt.” – M.J. Roberts, author of Rock Hard: Chord Brothers Series


“Their service is exceptional and the price affordable compared to everywhere else!” -J.J. Sorel, author of Take My Heart


“The Book Review Directory’s Editorial Reviews are exactly as advertised. They provided me with an insightful, unbiased review of my book with honest feedback that I can’t always get from friends and family. The ‘money’ quotes and exposure that they promised exceeded expectations as well. Communication was prompt and courteous, and the review came in well before the estimated date. The BRD is great to work with, and I will definitely avail myself of their services again in the future!” -Scott M. Madden, author of The Mouse Thief


“The Book Review Directory provided me with a professional, thoughtful review, one that I am proud to display on my Amazon sales page. Having such a well-written and honest review ready to post at the same time my book was released has helped boost sales and gives my book a valuable credential. The turnaround time was great, and the team is professional and courteous. Thank you!” – Martha Reynolds, author of Villa del Sol


“I reached out to BRD for an editorial review of my book. I didn’t know what to expect while waiting for a response to my initial contact, but didn’t have to wait long. What followed was quite amazing. They reached out to me to ask a few questions and I sent him a PDFf of my book. After a few more emails back and forth he gave me a hard date as to when I could expect the review. The review came back earlier than expected and I was quite blown away by the conclusions and observations that were made. No one on the team knows me personally, and yet, they nailed the perspective I was coming from and who my audience is intended to be. Their review was thoughtful and professional in every way. It provided an overview to readers in several ways that I hadn’t considered which I am quite grateful for.  It also gave me some unbiased feedback that I am planning to use to improve my writing moving forward. I highly recommend this group for this service and am looking forward to having BRD review my future work as well.” – Rio McKee, author of Real Raw Hope


“BRD is truly wonderful to work with. He goes the second mile and advocates his clients like no other I’ve worked with. I highly recommend his services.” -Julieann Dove, author of Searching For Sarah


“As a writer I not only want people to read my work, more importantly, I want them to identify with and recognize the purpose of my writing. The Book Review Directory’s review of my Novella did exactly that. I felt as though my goal had been accomplished. The review was written in a concise and objective manner and covered not only the central theme of my story but the complexities of my characters. The advice that was offered to me was right on target and caused me to begin a short rewrite which I know will improve my narrative overall.” -Lewis P. Horwitz, author of The Necklace


“I’m so glad I found this site. The editorial reviews are insightful, astute, and extremely affordable. I am totally satisfied with the quality of the reviews I received and would wholeheartedly recommend this service without reservation.” – Jean B. MacLeod, author of The Waste Wise Kitchen


“BRD provides great customer service and more. They know what writers need most—exposure, exposure, exposure.” – Pam Lazos, author of Oil & Water


“The Book Review Directory’s Editorial Review services are a wonderful asset for writers. Imagine having an unbiased review of your work. You will no longer have to wonder if the opinions you receive from your inner circle are sincere. BRD’s reviews are honest and affordable!” – Kelly J. McMullin, author of With Eyes Wide Open


“I recently self-published an anthology and was needing an editorial review service.  After investigating my options via search engines and various writing blogs, I found The Book Review Directory in a Goodreads thread. After looking over the website and evaluating their previous editorial reviews, I decided to give them a shot.  Because I had negated to secure an editorial review prior to releasing my book, I decided to utilize their expedited review option.  I can honestly attest that The Book Review Directory met or exceeded all my expectations. Not only was my review ready ahead of the quoted date, it was in-depth and informative, as well as honest and critical, as any good editorial review should be.  Further, the response to my questions even after the review had been posted was timely and very appreciated. The best compliment I can give The Book Review Directory is that I will be using them for my future writing projects, and will recommend them to any fellow writers, as well.” – Abraham Lopez, author of Going Gone


“The Book Review Directory offered an unbiased, thoughtful review. Having feedback from someone other than family and friends gave me further insight into my work.  The review was honest and will be used to improve my writing. The turnaround time was great, and the team is professional and courteous. All I can say is that BRD is a service I look forward to using again. Thank you!” – Nia Markos, the author of Elements


“I was so glad to discover the BRD’s editorial review services. Their fee was very reasonable, and they were friendly, quick to respond, and helpful in answering my questions. I was pleased with how the review came out weeks in advance of the date I had been given. It was clear that the reviewer had read my memoir in its entirety, was attuned to its themes, and gave it considerable thought. The analysis was thorough, and actually gave me additional insights! I was able to choose pertinent paragraphs to post on my Amazon page. I highly recommend this service.” – Anne Bernard Becker, author of Ollie Ollie In Come Free: A Memoir of Swallowed Time


“Book Review Directory provided a fair and timely review for my debut novel. It was clear the reviewer carefully read the book and weighed the pros and cons of the plot, characters, and overall story against other books of its genre. In all respects, it was professionally done, and I have included it on my book’s web site, Amazon page, and Facebook entry.” – Dave Cohen, author of Executable File


“Yeah, yeah, I know, get all your friends to write 5-star book reports, all the cool kids were doing it – but I wasn’t interested in that. I wanted to hear some solid, honest critique, kind of like when you get a tattoo on the back of your head and you want to make sure the artist didn’t make it lopsided. Not that I have any tattoos on the back of my head, yet, but I digress – sometimes art needs reflection, so that you can find the parts that are not great yet, and fix them. That’s exactly what I got from my editorial review and blurb coaching – a friendly mirror showing me what I’d overlooked, and what I got right the first time. I’m very happy with this service and will probably be returning in the future.” -Charon Dunn, author of One Sunny Night


“The Book Review Directory is an efficient and professional organization.  It provides you with an honest, thoughtful, and timely evaluation of your book and features it on its website in an attractive manner.  Moreover, it’s not a one-shot deal; after the initial launch, the review and cover remain available to visitors by scrolling down the website. “ -Charles Ameringer, author of The Sons of Hernan Garcia   


“BRD provided me a fast, professional review of my book; the feedback, good and bad, will be valuable in writing my next book. I highly recommend them.” -Ned Parks, author of The Simple And Easy Manager


“I had good feedback for my picture book from readings in kindergartens and preschools; however, I wanted to have a professional opinion and that is what I got from The Book Review Directory. BRD provided an excellent in-depth analysis of my book which I now use in the editorial review section of my amazon book page. I will definitely consult him again with my next book.” –Eva Maria Schwarz-Pretner, author of A Boy Like You and Me


“BRD is a writer’s friend.” – Kelly J. McMullin, author of With Eyes Wide Open


“Authors, in the impossibly competitive book publishing world, a Book Review Directory evaluation will spotlight your book, getting your work noticed in a cost-effective and effective manner. Don’t hesitate. Book your review today. You will be happy that you did for many tomorrows to come!” – Christopher Stone, author of The LGBTQ Meditation Journal


“The Book Review Directory is a pleasure to work with.” -Diamante Lavendar, author of Breaking the Silence


“BRD site provides a great help for writers. Their Editorial Book Review service is welcoming, affordable, fast and highly professional. Many thanks and much appreciated.” – Leora Zairi, author of Deserving Good


“The Book Review Directory provides a valuable service for writers. The editorial review they did on my novel “Revoked” was thorough and detailed, economical, and completed way ahead of schedule. I believe that having the review of my book on the BRD website has increased its value and marketability.” – MK Pachan, author of Revoked  


“After launching my latest book, Yes Means Yes: A Novel, Book Review Directory reached out to me and offered their book review services. I was impressed by their promise of a thorough and professional review of my book for a reasonable fee. The review was completed ahead of schedule, well-written, and obviously objective.  I couldn’t be more satisfied.” – Steven M. Wells, author of Yes Means Yes


“As an author of the recently published technology book Enterprise Digitization Patterns, I was looking for a credible, unbiased review–a constructive critique of the good and the not-so-good of the book for my readers. I turned to The Book Review Directory’s editorial review service. I was not disappointed in what I received. They were professional from the word go as they set clear expectations on what I would get from their service. As my book is in the technology genre, I liked the fact their editorial review appealed directly to the readers of the book in a “no-nonsense language,” i.e. what the book delivers, the key constructs of the book, the delivery of key constructs with some details, the type of audience who can get the real value of the book and more importantly, what the book can improve on. I would use The Book Review Directory again for my next published book!” – Srikanth Narasimhan, author of Enterprise Digitization Patterns


“The Book Review Directory was everything they claimed to be!  Not only did they offer a fair review, but the turn around was excellent.  I was able to pull several quotes to help promote my books.  I’ll definitely use their services again, and highly recommend them. ” – C. J. Bahr, author of Walking Through Fire


“The Book Review Directory is an incredible platform for which to launch your newest novel. The team there is 100% professional and offer independent authors a direct avenue to connect with today’s readers and reviewers. The investment is worth every cent!” Tom Ryerson, author of That Brant County Sound: The Ballad of Jim Allison and Thunderbird Recording


“The Book Review Directory  reviewed my second book in my series, The Brotherhood of Merlin, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was concise, detailed, and full of great “money quotes” I can add on my Facebook, AMS ads, and author page. I recommend his book review service to all authors! Well worth it.” – Rory Nelson, author of The Brotherhood of Merlin: Lycenea


“The Book Review Directory gave my debut novel, Rise, a professional, honest, and insightful review. My reviewer went into detail on the storyline, character development, and plot without giving away too much detail. I highly recommend The Book Review Directory. Not only are they affordable, they also went out of their way to provide great customer service.” – M. Ainihi, author of Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel


“As a recent recipient of an editorial review from The Book Review Directory for my novel Daintree Denizens, I can recommend their service as a reliable, honest, and affordable platform by which to obtain an industry review. In these problematic times of flagrant false reviews appearing all over the internet, it is refreshing to experience a professional and honest approach to reviewing a manuscript.” – Josef Peeters, author of Daintree Denizens


“Book Review Directory’s Editorial Review service is second to none in [the] literary world. I’d recommend it to all indie authors everywhere. It’s the best promotional investment you’ll ever make!” -SG McCloskey, author of Citizens Not Slaves: Blood on the Butcher’s Apron


“I stumbled upon Better Review Directory by accident while trying to prepare for the launch of my first novel, and I’m glad I did. As the name suggests, BRD delivered a thorough, honest, and helpful review of my novel which gave me confidence and helped ratchet up my sales page.” -Dwayne Gill, author of Written By Blood


“After my novel, “Vykup-A Novel of the Koldun” was published, I was inundated with offers for marketing, reviews, etc. I was apprehensive about many, so I did my own research and found the highly regarded: Book Review Directory. My review request was quickly answered and after being given direction on what was offered and expected of me, the process proceeded just as quickly and even more important, easily. The team there was professional and knowledgeable. My review was done three weeks sooner than the time frame I was initially given and again, I received a very professional and insightful review. The reviewer picked up on even small nuances in my writing, for which I was very grateful. I was also provided with suggestions on how my work could have been better, I was grateful for that as well. I will be using this service again when my WIP is finished, I know the input I receive will make my next novel better. I highly recommend The Book Review Directory if you are looking for an honest, professional review. ” – Andi Marchal, author of Vykup: A Novel of the Koldun


“I had a great experience with The Book Review Directory for my very first book. I spent quite some time researching various review services. Some of them charge hundreds of dollars. I came across BRD and the price was affordable and the reviews online looked like they were of high quality. So, I took a chance and requested a review. I know from experience there are some shady review sites out there, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I must say that I was extremely pleased with the end product. BRD delivered within about 8 days and the reviewer clearly read the whole book and offered some thoughtful insight. The review was well-written and thorough. The money spent was well worth it. They delivered quality well ahead of schedule and were pleasant to work with. Would definitely recommend.” – Will Lowrey, author of Chasing the Blue Sky


“As any author knows, book reviews are essential to promotion and reach. But for the self-published author, getting that book reviewed can be a long and arduous road. I recommend The Book Review Directory. I’ve used it to obtain a thoughtful, fair, and well-written editorial review of my novel, one that I can post on the Amazon page for my book. This review has proven to be tremendously successful in helping a potential reader decide to purchase my book. The editorial review is as professional as anything you’d find from a similar service (the one that costs hundreds of dollars). I would suggest that any author looking for a comprehensive and balanced review of their book contact BRD.” -Martha Reynolds, author of April in Galway


“I was very pleased with my Book Review Directory Editorial Review.  It was not only objective but provided valuable input so that I can  improve the quality of my writing in future.  I would recommend the service to any new author who desires an unbiased assessment of their work.”  –Jim Hutson-Wiley, author of The Sugar Merchant.


“It’s a great way to get news of your book out to a wide audience of readers. Try it. You will be glad you did!” – Mary M. Schmidt, author of Our Frail Disordered Lives


“The Book Review Directory was fair and reasonably priced for the editorial review service. My editorial review was in-depth and very helpful. I have used the comments on my book’s back cover and will use it in advertising in the future. I will definitely use The Book Review Directory for my next book!” -D.A. Irsik, author of Heroes by Design


“I stumbled upon Better Review Directory by accident while trying to prepare for the launch of my first novel, and I’m glad I did. As the name suggests, BRD delivered a thorough, honest, and helpful review of my novel which gave me confidence and helped ratchet up my sales page. I’d highly recommend them to any author trying to sell their product.” -Dwayne Gill, author of Written By Blood


“Like any author, I was eager to get my latest self-published novel, Longevity, in front of readers, but was frustrated by the usual problem—how to attract readers without reviews. Placement in NetGalley is effective, but slow. Editorial reviews from Kirkus, etc. are very expensive and also slow. The Book Review Directory was recommended by a respected public relations firm, so I gave them a try. Turnaround time was phenomenal; I had a well thought out and well-written review in about a week. That allowed me to add an excerpt to the book’s back cover and Amazon’s editorial review section, which is the first thing the reader sees, right away. Not only was the review fair, but the reviewer captured the tone of the book as well as subtle bits that indicated a thorough and informed read. It was a 4-star review , and I was pleased to get it. The Book Review Directory will be my first stop when New Haven, my next novel, is finished in 2022.” -Rolf Margenau, author of Longevity


“Using the editorial review process offered me the opportunity to obtain another perspective on my finished work. As a writer, it certainly helps to have an external point-of-view beyond what is in my head. As such, The Editorial Review, as an organization, afforded me an external, professional voice which I could then use as an assessment from another reader’s/writer’s perspective.” -Nadine Roach, author of Remembered Paths


“I tried Book Review Directory and was very pleased with the service. My request for a review received a prompt response, and the review came in less time than initially estimated. I felt the reviewer read my novel carefully and provided a fair rating and a professional review that captured what was unique about the book. If you are looking for an Editorial Review of your novel, Book Review Directory is well worth considering.” -Caroline Davis, author of Night Vision


“My book was reviewed by all major editorial book reviewers, and I can tell that The Book Review Directory was the fastest and most responsive (they were always there when I had questions). Also, their editorial review was one of the best too! Finally, The book Review Directory provided great quotes for marketing. In my case, the quote “Deceptively simple and almost terrifyingly accurate, it is an unflinching examination of what drives human beings…” was the best among all editorial reviews. Highly recommended!” -Sidney Mazzi, author of The Art of Hunting Humans


“I am very pleased with the results of my Editorial Review. The reviewers were fair and objective and highlighted some of the best features of the book. Here’s hoping for more book sales following this good review. Thanks!” -Susan Berkowitz, author of Make the Connection!: A Practical Guide to Parents and Practitioners for Teaching the Nonverbal Child to Communicate


“In order to attract more attention to a book published a few years ago, I decided to order an editorial review. I was thrilled and gratified to find that the reviewer provided me with a fair, comprehensive, and thoughtful review that pinpointed both strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript in a way that was helpful and constructive. I would recommend to anyone trying to publish that they obtain such editorial reviews. One can learn an enormous amount, and it helps to sharpen one’s writing.” -Malve Von Hassell, author of The Falconer’s Apprentice


“For debut authors like myself, navigating the world of self-publishing has not only proven to be slightly scary—but at times—also a frustrating endeavour. The team at Book Review Directory immediately put me at ease, offered reasonably priced services, and delivered a thorough and insightful review in record time. I can say without hesitation that I will be working with them again in the future!”  –Brandon T. Keaton, author of Transference


“I was looking for an editorial review for my novel, Unlawful Presence, and found The Book Review Directory website. Compared to other more well known sites, BRD is much more reasonably priced and they gave me a fine review in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve used other sites, and often times the reviews they provide don’t seem relevant to the actual content—like the reviewer didn’t really read the book. But not so with BRD. I could tell their reviewer actually read the entire book and enjoyed it. I’m using a sizable excerpt on my book’s Amazon page, and I think the BRD review has helped me sell copies. I would recommend their service to anyone.” -William A Lasher, author of Unlawful Presence


“The Book Review Directory was very pleasing to work with, and I am surely satisfied with the quality of their services and their commitment shown in their consistent customer service as well as communications. I would love to work with them sometime again for future works of mine!” -Joshua Valentine, author of Among Those You Know


“I am a scientist who was awarded six patents. When the U.S. Patent Office issued my first application, it became a patent, and that event proved to the world that I am an inventor. Now I write fiction, but the game is the same. How do I get vetted as an author? And, more importantly, how can I discover the secret of becoming a bestselling author? Fortunately, I found the key to both worlds in the Book Review Directory. Their masterful editorial review of my first work of fiction, the Golden Cord of Arram, vetted me as an author. Furthermore, the wisdom I received from their sagacious critique will benefit me during my lifelong quest for excellence.” -Walt Runkis, author of Golden Cord of Arram


“The Book Review Directory team offered fast service and quick responses to my questions. The Editorial Review created by BRD for my novel “The Illustrated Hen” was reasonably priced, and the material was professional quality.” -Scott Charles, author of The Illustrated Hen


“Book Review Directory provides an excellent editorial service. They reviewed my book in a short time without me paying premium pricing. The best thing about the review was their understanding of how my book is written; first half of book focus A vs. second half of book focus B. Many review companies concentrate on quantity vs quality. BRD gives an honest, unbiased, and beneficial review that is reasonably priced.” -Isabella Milan, author of Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless


“The Book Review Directory offers a very professional service. I am beyond pleased with my interaction with them and would be happy recommending them to others. I would definitely return to them in the future as their reviews are both impartial and insightful!” -Nathan Burton, author of A Loser Like Me


“My experience with BRD was precisely what I hoped for, which was an honest review of my book with a detailed analysis and evaluation of my writing. Additionally, throughout the page and a half critique, I came away with many quotable phrases that I, in turn, posted to social media, thereby helping readers get a feel for the essence of my poetry collection. Right from the get-go, and our interaction was professional, concise. I would highly recommend BRD. And most certainly plan to use them in the future.” -Kathleen Byron Etzel, author of Sands of Centuries Swirl by my Side


“I am so happy to have connected with their Editorial Review service. The review is so precise, in-depth, and detailed. It reflects that the editor took the time, took the story into his/her heart, and gave deep thoughts. This review is so important to me that I’ve relied on the comments to organize my thoughts for interviews. Thank you so much for investing the time and work in Crystal Cove. Your service is so crucial for new authors like me.” -Sally Suen, author of Crystal Cove


“The Book Review Directory was easy to work with, and the review clearly indicated that the reviewer had read the entire book and was able to respond intelligently and sensitively to its themes. The finished product was well-written and informative, and it was useful both to me, as an author, and to prospective readers. It gave a thoughtful evaluation of the novel’s strengths and weaknesses. I will definitely use the Book Review Directory again.” -James Ward, author of Hannah and Soraya’s Fully Magic Generation-Y *Snowflake* Road Trip across America


“Book Review Directory produced a prompt, thorough and thoughtful review of my latest book. Its marketing services helped boost public exposure as well.” – James D. Snyder, author of Amelia’s Gold


“The well-written review of Greed: A Short-term Rental Nightmare, is thoughtful. Unquestionably, the reviewer read my book. The reviewer’s insight provided me with a different perspective of my characters. It will help me become a better writer.” -Roger Quinn, author of Greed: A Short-term Rental Nightmare


“I cannot recommend these people at The Book Review Directory highly enough! Great communication, friendly, and they don’t leave you feeling like you’re just a number…but make it known you are a valued customer. They have some amazing services for indie writers and at excellent prices…and go way above and beyond.” -Jamie Eubanks, author of Hall of Skulls


“The Book Review Directory team not only provided me a detailed editorial review, but also included constructive feedback for improvement. The team communicated and responded to my queries in a timely manner. Overall, I had a seamless and satisfactory experience with their service.” –Guru Das, author of Grow Your Spiritual Intelligence


“I have now sent two books to Book Review Directory, The Fleeing Company and The Tempter’s Bane, which are the first two books to The Drifters’ Road fantasy series. The people at Book Review Directory have always been very professional and responsive when you contact them. They provided reviews that were both detailed and fair, the price was reasonable, and these reviews were completed in a good time frame. I will be returning to Book Review Directory when my third book is finished, and I would recommend them to any author who is looking for editorial reviews.” -Kyle McCurry, author of The Fleeing Company


“Thorough and detailed editorial book reviews provided—very friendly and professional service, recommended to all authentic authors”. Joanne McFall, author of Beyond the Forest Floor and other Forest Tales


“I highly recommend requesting an editorial book review from the Book Review Directory. The feedback is so much more than a book review. This fine product is also a writing tutorial. I took the candid feedback provided, applied it to my books, and the books are much more enjoyable to read. This pleased me almost as much as the review!” -Dr. Burl W. Randolph Jr., author of Inspired, Not Retired: Leadership Lessons from Father to Son


“The Book Review Directory delivered what they promised—a very professional, in-depth editorial book review. It was fair, honest, and provided me with positive feedback. But, it also furnished me with a fair and friendly analysis where I could improve upon. The Book Review Directory was efficient as they provided me with the editorial book review about a month ahead of time. I definitely recommend The Book Review Directory.” -Don Banting, author of Burning Rage


“It has been a pleasure to use the services of the Book Review Directory. I found the website clear and helpful, and the directory staff responded to me quickly and professionally. The editorial review arrived well within the estimated time and was written with care. I believe that this service represents excellent value.” -Anita Morrish, author of Shadow Song


“I highly recommend The Book Review Directory for an editorial book review! They provided a well-written, thorough, and professional editorial review of my book, which was also completed ahead of schedule! I look forward to using The Book Review Directory in the future! -Krissy Baccaro, author of One Last Secret


“I requested an editorial review for my book ‘Utterly Amazed – following the call of God in Japan.’ I was a little apprehensive regarding the result but the service was extremely prompt and efficient. In fact, a well-balanced review was written a month earlier than promised. It was well worth the investment and I would use Book Review Directory again.” -Miriam Davis, author of Utterly Amazed


“Quick turnaround time on a review done with care. A professionally and courteously run service.” -J. Adams, author of Rode


“The overall experience was great; I would definitely go back to them for my next book! I strongly recommend the services of The Book Review Directory to any author who seeks an impartial editorial review.” -Kate Barny, author of Neroptesean: The Water Traveler


“I am a first-time author who recently had my book, Black, White, and Gray All Over; a Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement, reviewed by The Book Review Directory. Since this is my first venture as a published author, I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as how to look into getting reviews for my book. I am more than pleased that I decided to go with The Book Review Directory. They were professional, extremely responsive to my needs, and provided a top-notch review within a very short period of time. I will definitely use them for my next book and any additional ones.” -Frederick Douglass Reynolds, author of Black, White, and Gray All Over


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