Blurb Coaching Services


Readers come for the cover and stay for the blurb.

Other than the cover, nothing is more important than your book’s blurb. It’s what captures the reader’s attention and is a great way to make your book distinct from your competition, which is a must these days.

The problem is they’re hard to write. Really hard. Authors often languish over how to boil down their novel into so few words. As we all know, a blurb isn’t just about summarizing a storyline; it’s about compelling a reader to want to purchase your book. It’s marketing more than anything else.

Most authors are storytellers, not marketers. That’s where we come in.

We will, on a line-by-line basis, coach your book’s blurb. Anything that could hold a reader back from purchasing is something we’ll tell you. We’ll point out the positives as well as the areas that can be improved. You’ll receive both compliments and critiques from us.

Authors often find that improving their blurb leads to more sales, and those increased sales alone could pay for your blurb coaching session, and then some.


I used BRD’s blurb coaching service and sales page critique, both of which were beyond helpful. Their services were brilliant, thorough, accommodating, and helped maximize the potential of my novel. I’d highly recommend them to any author trying to sell their product.”  -Dwayne Gill, author of Written By Blood

The blurb coaching service is a must for first time and veteran authors alike. For me, it was the line by line suggestions that helped me prioritize storylines within such limited real estate. This particular service also provided guidance on structure and word choice. Such thorough analysis of the blurb helped me to dissect what I originally believed was a good blurb, leading to a total rewrite with which I am very satisfied. Well worth the money!”  -Derrick Smythe, author of The Other Magic


Rate in USD: $15 per blurb

Timeframe: One week

Includes: One Word document with your blurb, along with many of our coaching comments, positioned along the sidebar. We’ll also make actual rewording suggestions, which you can accept or decline as you wish. It also includes grammar edits, too.


Kindly fill out the order form below, and we’ll have the invoice to you within 24 hours. You can attach your blurb at that time.