Join the List Q & A


How do I join the list?

Head to the Join the List page to check out some details and the form to fill out.


What sort of volume can I expect from joining the list?

It varies, as you can imagine, especially by the genres you’re listed under. For example, pages like Science Fiction, YA, and Fantasy get more views than Science Non-Fiction. Some days you could see zero referral page views to your website, and some days you could see a dozen. Every bit adds up.


If I’m down further on the page, does that mean I won’t get any referral visitors?

No. Many of the listings at the top have enough author submissions to keep them busy for a while. In the instance that an author finds the top listings unavailable to receive new book submissions, they continue down the list until they find one available.

I sometimes advise visitors to start at the bottom of the list if many at the top are full. So, it’s just as possible to receive referral visitors no matter where you’re at on the list.


What if I join and I receive too many author submissions?

That’s a good problem to have! If you’re on the list and receiving too many requests, feel free to mention on your blog’s “author submissions” page that you’re pausing the acceptance of books for review. Please give an indication on when you’re opening it back up, even if it’s just a general timeframe.

If an author feels that you’ve permanently stopped accepting submissions, they’ll likely complain to me, so giving a month/year date on when you’ll open back up is needed.


Why do I need to have a submissions page for authors on my website?

To make it easier for authors to submit their books to you, which is the reason you’re on the directory. Without a submissions page, it makes it difficult for authors to find those details. It’s to your benefit to have one, because then you’re able to narrow the requests to the type you want.


To be added to the directory, do I need to be open to authors submitting their books for me to review?

Yes. I’m not saying you have to read a hundred books a year, but the entire purpose of you being on the directory is so that authors can submit their books to you for review. Only accept a few books a year if you wish, but you have to be open to it. And hey, free books delivered to you…how awesome is that?


To be added to the directory, do I have to be open to indie or self-published books?

Not necessary, but it’s encouraged. Out of all the book review bloggers currently on the directory, I believe only one accepts solely traditionally published books. If this concerns you, I recommend being open to indie/self-published books but having a thick filter on the sort that you like, which will only allow in the ones that supremely fit your tastes.


Do I need to accept certain genres or format (ebook, print, etc.)?

Nope. All that is completely up to you. You can pick and choose which genre to be listed under, and the format you prefer would be detailed on the submissions page of your website.







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