FAQ – Editorial Review Service


Read below for commonly asked questions about our Editorial Review service. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us on our contact form.


I’m an indie/self-published author. Can I still order an Editorial Review?

Absolutely. We accept all types of books, ranging from self-published authors, to small presses, to large presses.


How does the Featured Editorial Review page work?

The Featured Editorial Review page is where we feature Editorial Reviews of note. Authors who order an Editorial Review can include this as an add-on feature.

Each new featured Editorial Review is placed at the top, and every feature below moves down a slot. If an author wants to be placed back at the top after a period of time, he/she can order another featured spot. While these features move in placement with new additions, they permanently remain on the page.


If I order an Editorial Review, does it guarantee a positive review?

No, it does not. We cannot guarantee or promise a positive review. To do so would erode the trust our readers have with us, and therefore water down any high ratings we do give.

However, we do our best to highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of a book, and all feedback is given in a tactful manner.

Also, a positive Editorial Review does not equal an endorsement from The Book Review Directory.


How can I use quotes from your Editorial Review of my book?

Here are the guidelines for quoting our Editorial Review via your website, social media, book details page, etc.:

  • All excerpts must be attributed to “The Book Review Directory” in italics.
  • If words are omitted from a quote, ellipses must be inserted in their place.
  • No words may be added to the review.
  • The integrity and spirit of the review may not be altered.
  • If the quoted content is to be used in online publicity, link back to www.bookreviewdirectory.com with the attribution.


What if I pay for an Editorial Review and I receive a low star rating? Does that mean it wasn’t a good investment?

We don’t believe so. You’ll still have invaluable feedback on how to improve and hone your book. Plus, every Editorial Review, no matter the score, includes positive “power quotes” about your book. These quotes are great for book marketing and for the Editorial Review section on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Every Editorial Review includes both positive and constructive critique comments, and you can count on the former even if your Editorial Review receives a low star rating.


What do you base your pricing on?

A member of our review team will read your book cover-to-cover, which takes time. Discount services will often skip entire sections to reduce cost, which is an injustice to your book and all the hard work you’ve put into it.

Our reviewers take care when writing up the Editorial Review (minimum 500 words). We select the words that we feel have the most impact and yet speak with tact and consideration.

The members of our review team are all highly trained and experienced, ranging from an English and Literature school teacher to an author with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing.


How does your rating system work?

We give the books in our Editorial Reviews a 1-5 star rating. We do this because our clients don’t want a fluff piece. They want an assessment. They want to know how their book measures up in a professional arena.


Do you accept print books for an Editorial Review?

Not at this time. We accept eBooks only.


My book isn’t published yet. Will you still do an Editorial Review on it?

Sure thing. The only difference is that there won’t be a purchase link at the bottom of the Editorial Review.


Will you review books from other countries?

Yes, but they must be in English.