Manuscript Evaluation Services


A manuscript evaluation gives a bird’s eye view on what your book needs more or less of. We’ll read the book cover-to-cover and write a 3-5 page report on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript.

Nothing is addressed on a line-by-line basis, saving everything for the report at the end.


The report will address elements such as:

  • Character development
  • Plot
  • Story arc
  • Dialogue
  • Narration
  • Tone and style of writing
  • Conflict
  • Setting



The rate for our manuscript evaluation service is $.006 per word with a minimum project size requirement of 30,000 words.

Payment can be made in virtually any major currency, and Paypal will convert it for you. Paypal invoices can be paid via any major credit card or by Paypal transfer.

Samples are available for prospective clients upon request. If you wish one, simply fill out the form below and mention it in the comments.


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