Appreciation and Meaning Journal – Editorial Review

  Title: Appreciation and Meaning Journal Author: Andrew Eltes Genre: Self-help   The world moves so fast, and us along with it, that people don’t always find the time to be mindful of the present and to be appreciative of the many things in their lives that are potential sources of happiness, growth, and meaning.… Read More Appreciation and Meaning Journal – Editorial Review

American River: Tributaries – Editorial Review

  Title: American River: Tributaries Author: Mallory M. O’Connor Genre: Historical Fiction   American River: Tributaries follows the lives of three families of Irish, Mexican, and Japanese descent. Though their ancestors all settled on the American River in Northern California, the generations following spread out across the country, making the families’ interconnection all the more unlikely. But as the… Read More American River: Tributaries – Editorial Review

The Perfect Partner – Editorial Review

  Title: The Perfect Partner Author: Ursula LeCoeur Genre: Historical Romance   The Perfect Partner by Ursula LeCoeur is described as a Historical Romance, but it also reads as a thriller, which will make it popular among those who like that genre. The first thing to know about The Perfect Partner is that the romantic aspect has a love triangle, which always seems to… Read More The Perfect Partner – Editorial Review

Just Good Clean Fun – Editorial Review

  Title: Just Good Clean Fun Author: Michael J. Hawron Genre: Historical Fiction / Spy Thriller / International Intrigue   Just Good Clean Fun, by Michael J. Hawron, is a spy thriller set in the 1970s and 1980s. Like many spy thriller novels, Just Good Clean Fun follows a seemingly average (albeit handsome and charming man), who secretly has some… Read More Just Good Clean Fun – Editorial Review