100 Dates and a Wedding – Book Review



100 Dates & a Wedding relates the dating tribulations of a young French divorcee named Valerie Duval. It narrates Valerie’s dating experiences in London and shares the lessons she learnt from them. Her disillusionments, her joys, and her own ambiguities are shared without concession questioning how to deal with a break up after a long relationship? How to believe in love again after being defeated?

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Proud Patrick – Book Review


After reading Proud Patrick, I took it into my head to visit Michael O’Reilly’s profile on Goodreads, where I learned that he counts among his main influences, not only writers such as Forster, Hardy, Joyce, Melville, and Shakespeare, but also filmmakers such as Bergman, Cassavetes, Kubrick, Kurosawa, and Lean.

I found this list of luminaries to be intriguing, as I also think of my own writing in terms of film style – not a conscious and deliberate emulation of particular shots and scenes, but the grammar of film and the kinds of dramatic tension that great filmmakers know how to construct.

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Editorial Review – The Scribbled Victims


Title: The Scribbled Victims

Author: Robert Tomoguchi

Genre: Vampire/ Literary Fiction/ Paranormal


Yelena Solodnikova is a vampire. Jaded by her true love abandoning her years ago, Yelena refuses to grow too attached to anyone, leaving her unable to succumb to her vampiric instincts without feeling ashamed. But when Yelena meets Orly, a twelve-year-old cancer patient with only weeks to live and a curious talent, she sees an opportunity to finally feed with no remorse.

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Affinity’s Window – Book Review


The first time I had to put Douglas L. Wilson’s Affinity’s Window down because I was too scared was on page 51. If you think that sounds like it’s not very far into the novel, that’s because it isn’t. The sun was going down, the back of my neck had begun to prickle, and I was seriously considering the possibility that there was a little girl on a tricycle watching me. I closed my e-reader and turned on all the lights.

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Simply Being Happy – Book Review


Guest review contributed by Chick Lit Cafe


Simply Being Happy – Paula Sullivan




Is it a lottery ticket? A rich uncle? A huge, mysterious payoff?
Let the waiting finally be over and discover that you already have what you truly want – happiness. It’s there inside you, just waiting for you to access it.

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Quest to the Unknown – Book Review


Quest to the Unknown by Annelies George



Quest to the Unknown revolves around up-and-coming Dutch reporter Jessie Golden, ready for her first holiday with business mogul and playboy Carlos Gomez, with whom she is engaged in a budding romance. Her journey begins when she finds a folder full of information on a mysterious woman named Nancy and her son Paul, leading her to an unexpected quest.

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Editorial Review – The King of Fu


Title: The King of Fu

Author: Benjamin Davis

Genre: Memoir / Magical realism / Coming of age


The kingdom of Fu is the unique backdrop Benjamin Davis uses to share the beginning of his life story. Divided into three parts–umbilical cords, childhood, and adolescence–The King of Fu is a reflection of his feelings about everything from his relationships with his family members to death, sex, and pornography and focuses on the question of what it means to be an adult.

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Editorial Review – Sage Stone: The Magic Between The Worlds


Title: Sage Stone: The Magic Between The Worlds

Author: Darcy Deming

Genre: YA / Adventure / Spirituality


In this unique coming of age story, Darcy Deming tells the tale of Sage Stone, his extraordinary family, and the equally extraordinary journey he must take to become the man he was destined to be. Chosen by the mythical Thunder Beings and having closely survived a brush with death, Sage’s life is irrevocably altered, as he must now battle the darkness in order to bring light into the world with the aid of his twin sister Hannah.

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