More Curious Questions – Editorial Review

  Title: More Curious Questions Author: Martin Fone Genre: Non-fiction   More Curious Questions addresses a plethora of curiosities ranging from the mundane to the complex. A sequel to Fifty Curious Questions and a product of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, the questions in this book are reflective of the often random and curious places… Read More More Curious Questions – Editorial Review

Home: Interstellar – Editorial Review

  Title: Home: Interstellar Author: Ray Strong Genre: Science Fiction / Mystery   Home: Interstellar throws us into the fathomless territory known as outer space, in the 22nd century, and into the life of Meriel Hope, a woman who has suffered the worst kind of tragedy imaginable. Ten years after the massacre aboard the Princess, and after the… Read More Home: Interstellar – Editorial Review

Golden Cord of Arram – Editorial Review

  Title: Golden Cord of Arram Author: Walt Runkis Genre: Speculative Fiction   Golden Cord of Arram by Walt Runkis explores what may happen in the near future when the human population reaches saturation, and climate change, unexplainable/seemingly supernatural events, and government conspiracies threaten human existence. Special Forces Agents Morro and Bill investigate the brutal… Read More Golden Cord of Arram – Editorial Review