The Tempter’s Bane – Editorial Review

  Title: The Tempter’s Bane Author: Kyle McCurry Genre: Fantasy   The Tempter’s Bane, the second in Kyle McCurry’s fantasy series, picks up where The Fleeing Company left off. After Adroegen and his friends, Caitren, Edelbir, Kattalin, Vaenn, and Gleowan slayed the goblin chief and destroyed the Night’s Jewel, the company quickly finds themselves in… Read More The Tempter’s Bane – Editorial Review

The Seventh Seed – Editorial Review

  Title: The Seventh Seed Author: Allison Maruska Genre: Dystopian Thriller   In the near future, government propaganda rules the American airwaves while mega-corporations manipulate government officials. Javier, a young, brilliant researcher, notices a critical agricultural problem in the heartland that hints at a conspiracy looming in plain sight. However, the powers-that-be have no intent on letting… Read More The Seventh Seed – Editorial Review

Ollie Ollie in Come Free – Editorial Review

  Title: Ollie Ollie In Come Free Author: Anne Bernard Becker Genre: Memoir   Ollie Ollie In Come Free is the product of an author’s lifelong struggle to deal with and process the traumatic events of her childhood, and to analyze the repercussions that it inevitably had on her as an adult. This memoir is a moving, emotional, and intimately personal tale of a family who had experienced more than its fair… Read More Ollie Ollie in Come Free – Editorial Review

Cetus Wedge – Editorial Review

  Title: Cetus Wedge Author: K.A. Bachus Genre: Espionage suspense / Thriller   A mercenary agent, code-named Stephen Donovan, walks into work at the Section, a private government-linked spy business, to a promotion. He is being given the job of babysitter, the logistics coordinator for missions. But his training mission, Cetus Wedge, may be more… Read More Cetus Wedge – Editorial Review

Uber Diva – Editorial Review

  Title: Uber Diva Author: Charles St. Anthony Genre: Humor   Part-memoir, part-guide, Uber Diva is an entertaining look at what it takes to be an Uber driver. Told from the perspective of the self-proclaimed Uber Diva, who is sidelined from the ridesharing business after a drunk driver totals her car and sends her to the hospital, it is helpful… Read More Uber Diva – Editorial Review