The Phoenix Career Principles – Editorial Review

  Title: The Phoenix Career Principles Author: Tony Pisanelli Genre: Self-help / Non-fiction   The tumult of the past couple of years has made it even more challenging for today’s generation to achieve financial security and career growth. Political unrest and worldwide economic instability have resulted in peak inflation rates and a cost-of-living crisis that… Read More The Phoenix Career Principles – Editorial Review

A Perfect Night – Editorial Review

  Title: A Perfect Night Author: Joseph Stone Genre: Horror   After her mother’s death in a horrible car accident, Frances Tarantino continues to feel her mother’s presence surrounding her. She sends Frances ladybugs and presents as a means of comfort, and in a horrific version of the angst that accompanies a mother-daughter relationship during… Read More A Perfect Night – Editorial Review

Reach – Editorial Review

  Title: Reach: Maximize Your Potential and Live Your Best Life                 Author: Nate Thurgood   Genre: Self-Help       In Reach, Nate Thurgood has brought his considerable expertise and experience from the high-level corporate world to devise a personal growth program, enabling readers to fulfill their potential by focusing on five key areas, core goals, and… Read More Reach – Editorial Review

Black, White, and Gray All Over – Editorial Review

  Title: Black, White, and Gray All Over: A Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement Author: Frederick Douglass Reynolds Genre: Memoir / True Crime   Black, White, and Gray All Over: A Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement is a memoir that centers Frederick Douglass Reynolds and his life that led to… Read More Black, White, and Gray All Over – Editorial Review

The Cardiff Giant – Editorial Review

  Title: The Cardiff Giant             Author: Larry Lockridge   Genre: Satire / Humor    Jack Thrasher, investigative reporter for The Discovery Channel has been sent to Cooperstown, New York to research the disappearance of “The Cardiff Giant” from the Farmers’ Museum. The inhabitants of Cooperstown subscribe to some bizarre theories… Read More The Cardiff Giant – Editorial Review

Riven Calyx – Editorial Review

  Title: Riven Calyx Author: Mark Leon Collins Genre: Fantasy   This story explores magic, religion, and one’s social expectations while following the first quest of Mordrak, newly welcomed as a knight of the prestigious Brotherhood of Vali. Mordrak finds himself haunted by seven youthful wraiths he killed while helping his king conquer a fortified… Read More Riven Calyx – Editorial Review