Editorial Review – Deliciously Holistic: Inspired Favorites

  Author: Valerie Penz Title: Deliciously Holistic: Inspired Favorites Genre: Cookbook   This cookbook explores how to make enticing, interesting meals that are packed with nutrients without being complicated, expensive, or filled with dairy, gluten, corn, or refined sugars. With over 5 dozen recipes, the author offers a variety to choose from, with every recipe… Read More Editorial Review – Deliciously Holistic: Inspired Favorites

Rajani Chronicles III: War – Blog Tour

  Author: Brian S. ConverseBook title: Rajani Chronicles III: WarGenre: Science FictionPublish date: July 12, 2019 Blurb: War!James Dempsey’s team of powered humans are finally reunited, but the war with the Krahn Horde goes on. The Resistance fighters, made up of the Rajani, Sekani, and Jirina inhabitants of Rajan are slowly turning the tide against the invaders, but diplomatic rifts… Read More Rajani Chronicles III: War – Blog Tour

Little Girls Sleeping – Blog Tour

    Author: Jennifer Chase Book title: Little Girls Sleeping Genre: Crime thriller Publish date: 5/31/2019 Author website: authorjenniferchase.com   Blurb: She looked at the smiling, eager face of the little girl in the photograph, with dark hair, bright-green eyes, a missing front tooth, and her entire life ahead of her. Chelsea was last seen walking back from… Read More Little Girls Sleeping – Blog Tour