Editorial Review – The Smart Guide to Marketing

  Title: The “Smart Guide” to Marketing Author: Jack Gaskell Genre: Non-fiction   The “Smart Guide” to Marketing provides step-by-step instructions on how to become an expert in your field and open as many avenues for your business as you can. At its core, the guide is about shaping how you are perceived by others… Read More Editorial Review – The Smart Guide to Marketing

Editorial Review – The Way to Remember

  Author: Martha Reynolds Title: The Way to Remember Genre: Literary Fiction / Women’s Fiction   Robin Fortune, the 19-year old daughter of a wealthy real-estate mogul, is kicked out of college for dealing pot. With Robin’s favorite author, Maryana Capture, visiting her hometown’s bookstore at the end of the month, she becomes convinced that… Read More Editorial Review – The Way to Remember

Blog Tour – Unlawful Presence

  Author: William A Lasher Book title: Unlawful Presence Genre: Science Fiction Publish date: Original: 10/01/2019 Revised Edition: 05/26/2020   Blurb: A near future full length science fiction novel with a healthy dose of dark humor. Meet Nancy Johnson, the futuristic federal cop who deactivates illicit androids with her high voltage Annihilator weapon. Before Nancy had her brain… Read More Blog Tour – Unlawful Presence