Willow’s Way – Editorial Review

  Title: Willow’s Way Author: Sharon Struth Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance   Willow Armstrong was a successful business woman in the world of weight loss and fitness until it was all suddenly upended following a devastating divorce. In the wake of losing everything she’s built, she learns that she’s willed a home in England from grandparents she’s… Read More Willow’s Way – Editorial Review

That Brant County Sound! In Pictures – Editorial Review

  Title: That Brant Country Sound! In Pictures Author: Tom Ryerson Genre: Non-Fiction / Biography   That Brant County Sound! In Pictures provides readers and fans of Canadian Country Music the photographic heritage of Brant County, with snapshots of Terry Sumsion, Roger Quick, Jan Stevens, Fred H. W. McKenna, the Mercey Brothers, Dave Souliere, Terry Carisse, Marilynne Caswell, Marie… Read More That Brant County Sound! In Pictures – Editorial Review

The Doctor’s Dilemma – Editorial Review

  Title: The Doctor’s Dilemma Author: Daly Walker Genre: Short story anthology   The coronavirus pandemic has brought medical professionals to the center of attention on the world stage. There has never been more of an awareness of the daily struggles or a greater interest in the day-to-day life in a hospital environment. The Doctor’s… Read More The Doctor’s Dilemma – Editorial Review

Ticket to Temptation – Editorial Review

Title: Ticket to Temptation Author: Lilith Darville Genre: Erotic drama / Fantasy   Ticket to Temptation, by Lilith Darville, is a novel in the erotic romantic suspense genre. The book includes both sexual content and mystical elements. The main characters are looking for love for the second time. They have both been burned by past loves, either emotionally… Read More Ticket to Temptation – Editorial Review

Atlanta Stories: Fables of the New South – Editorial Review

  Title:  Atlanta Stories:  Fables of the New South Author:  G. M. Lupo Genre:  Contemporary fiction / Short stories   Atlanta Stories features seven short stories of people whose journeys take them to Atlanta. The characters are diverse–ranging from a young girl with echolalia to a woman who lost the use of her legs when a drunk driver hit her–and… Read More Atlanta Stories: Fables of the New South – Editorial Review

The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook – Editorial Review

  Title: The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook: Hundreds of Substitutions for Common and Uncommon Utensils, Gadgets, Tools, and Techniques Author: Jean B. MacLeod Genre: Non-Fiction   Do you battle with a too-small kitchen that simply cannot accommodate all the cooking tools and utensils recommended by celebrity chefs? Or maybe you prefer a minimalist lifestyle and you are looking for ways to achieve that without… Read More The Kitchen Paraphernalia Handbook – Editorial Review