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Emotional Intelligence at Work

Even though it is seldom acknowledged, the truth is that business runs on emotion—yours and almost everyone else’s. And that emotion is often negative, leading us into bewilderment, dysfunction, and failure.

This book explains how to face up to this reality and respond by building street smarts and business emotional intelligence (BEQ). It supports your business success by developing your ability to recognize and effectively manage the destructive emotional tendencies, hidden agendas, and behaviors that exist all around you, and sometimes within you, that block business progress.





When Ben Sanna, a contemplative retiree with a penchant for helping people, and Samantha Beckett, a secretive New York City hedge fund manager, meet by chance in a small Vermont town, they enter into a tenuous relationship. Over several weeks, Samantha and Ben open their pasts inch by inch, sift through their futures consciously, and come to terms with the strength and depth of their bond.

A meditation on redemption told in alternating chapters of musings and scenes, Cenotaphs is about platonic love; the ways we close ourselves off in reaction to pain and what happens when we open ourselves up again; and the deep, painful legacy of loss.




Forever Curious

In an intellectual clash of galactic proportions, the biggest mystery in the Universe encounters the smartest girl from Earth. Na-Yeli Maya is humanity’s champion exploring the forbidding Enigmatic Object. She’s not truly alone, as her exosuit is armed with the most advanced quantum computer—and obnoxious digital assistant—ever, and her tri-schizoid condition enables her to call up her ultimate warrior and lateral thinker personas in times of dire need.

She has to traverse six different layers—each a world of its own—with unique wonders, challenges and dangers. Along the way, she partners with a stranded Moiety Alien and adopts a group of Hypersounders, as they make it all the way into the Core, where a naked singularity distorts reality. Why is it there? If only they could find a way to use its other-worldly qualities for their own purposes. . .



The Rise and Fall of the Traditional Theories of Creation and the Science of Creation For Our Universe

Two Theories of Creation exist in the West, the Hebrew and the Greek. These are the rise of the traditional theories. David Shaw details both theories including the terms used and a drawing of each that illustrate the terms. The Hebrew theory has the terms firmament, the waters above and below the firmament, the floodgates, and the passage of water.

The Greek theory has the terms the sphere of the fixt stars, within this outermost sphere there are the spheres for the Sun and Moon and spheres for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Earth occupies the center of the universe and one of the four elements together with water, air and fire.




Hall of Skulls

When the provisional leader of the Mokuteki people is subjected to the brutal challenge of a lifetime, Kai soon realizes much more than just his title is at stake. To prove himself worthy of a leadership role he does not want, a torturous testing phase begins, one designed to break both body and spirit. As part of this challenge, while blindfolded and chained, Kai learns his betrothed, Asher, has been abducted.

In his search for Asher and truth, trading deeds for information, Kai has not only to face the Thrakens–the alien invaders who had nearly conquered his world two-thousand years before–but also must fight against both time and space. Believing his future and that of Asher are inexorably entwined, he discovers his only hope is to unlock the ancient technology and secrets that lie within The Hall of Skulls.


Atlanta Stories: Reconstruction

Reconstruction features nine interconnected stories about a diverse group of people living in Atlanta, Georgia in the early part of the 21st century. These individuals must deal with changes in their lives which cause them to come to terms with their past actions and confront the obstacles before them to rise from the ashes and move forward. The themes of family and reconciliation predominate. Reconstruction features many types of families, those to whom one is born and those one forges in life as circumstances dictate.





Seaplane to Sounion

It’s Memorial Day weekend 1986 and Ellie Pincrest, logo designer to the most important companies in the world, needs to get out of town right now after some shocking news. She books a flight on a seaplane from the East River in Manhattan to fly her out to her grandmother’s vast oceanside home on Long Island. One of the two passengers with her on the seaplane is found dead the next day and Ellie is catapulted into chicanery, misdirection, and a fight for her own life as she solves a baffling mystery.





The Road to COVID-30

From the humble perspective of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, The Road To COVID-30 seeks to smash through the barrier that holds you back from your future: Yourself. For you see, you must shift with the paradigm or else be left abandoned, alone, to simply turn to dust. Self-preservation and reclamation are interchangeable, and with newfound grace, now apply to your soul as well as your workplace environment.


COVID-19 Tips Include: when to blame the children, how to shift the blame to the United States, and how to make $600 last 4 years.




The Heralding

In the midst of The Great Famine of the Fourteenth Century something is awakened in the nearby woods…

As hunger and fever grip Matilda’s village, theft, madness and starvation follows quickly. People are attacked by something powerful and frightening. Then a new enemy emerges; fear.

As accusations are hurled will a newly arrived stranger be Matilda’s salvation or downfall?





Short Stories of Space

Short Stories of Space takes readers on a fascinating, reflective journey into seven essential, real-life space and astronomy events of the past year.

Could ancient life still exist in the atmosphere of Venus? Does our understanding of the Universe’s history need to be revised? What are the implications of the first private launch of astronauts to the International Space Station for our future in space?

Each story delves into the science, politics and history behind the news headlines, while bringing to life the space research you may have missed. Author Piers Horner provides fresh perspectives on what these exciting topics mean for our society; for science, and for the nature of human wonder, making them suitable for both a general audience and seasoned enthusiasts alike.


Satan’s Gold

An elusive ex-CIA financial analyst known only as Daemon has stolen billions from the Russian Federation, and now he’s determined to plunder the richest prize of all-the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Only one man stands in his way-disgraced former FBI Agent Tyler Jackson, who is destroying all he loves in his feverish attempt to capture Daemon and prevent a worldwide economic collapse.

Jackson has been chasing Daemon for two grueling years. But can Jackson and Dixie, a female hacker wanted for unleashing a deadly computer virus, find Daemon before he makes his next big move?




Open Heart

Gene Hull is a premed student who will stop at nothing to win back the love of his life. Unfortunately, she’s not buying it, and Gene must figure out how to move on.The novel takes flight with a family vacation as Gene’s father, an anesthesiologist driving through the torrid Arizona desert, stops at an accident scene. The accident leaves young Gene horror stricken, but deeply imprinted by his father’s heroic efforts to save an injured child.Years later and hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps, Gene, a college student, scrubs and gowns up for the “Heart Room,” an operating theater of chilling cold, bone saws, smoke, and macabre humor.As intimacy and affection slip back into Gene’s life, he must confront his own mistakes and untangle the braided strands of love, loss, and reconciliation.



Beyond the Goodnight Trail

When former Texas Ranger scout Pete Horse agrees to join his old friend Charlie Goodnight’s first trail drive across Texas to the New Mexico Bosque Redondo Navajo reservation, he knows the way will be fraught with danger. He expects to encounter bandits, hostile Comanche, bad weather and stampedes, and he’s not disappointed.






Rats in a Maze

It was just a simple car accident and Detective Fisher closed the case easily. But why did he remember things that had never happened, and who was the “most beautiful woman in the world” who haunted his dreams?

NYPD Detective Ray Fisher thought it meant he was going mad, but there was enough of the Detective left to see that the weirdness had started after he’d investigated a car that had been driven into the river. It was a trivial case but it opened his eyes to a shadowy elite who used people like pawns.

Ray thought he had all the answers until the NYPD suspended him and he realized that the only thing worse than the elite was the vast government Conspiracy concealing it.



Tales of Dharma

This novel-in-stories chronicles the early colonists of the Planet Dharma in the distant Andromeda Galaxy. Some are driven by hope, others by trauma and heartbreak—they have come to begin a new and simpler life on an uninhabited world. Then comes the harrowing discovery of an ancient alien technology.

A woman leaves her husband and her planet behind chasing her religious faith, while a hundred-year-old atheist encounters an alien consciousness beyond her comprehension; A priest is given a terrible burden and faces his own capacity for violence; In the wake of tragedy, the Ankharra colony rends into pro-tech and anti-tech factions while a pair of young lovers try to navigate the divide; As the years turn to decades, a secret society forms that will shape the future of the Andromeda Colonies.

What begins as a series of separate tales converges to weave a web of human loss and love at the edge of the known universe.

The Rise and Fall of the Traditional Theories of Creation: And Community the Next Emergence

David Shaw proposes a new theory of creation. He gives four arguments for community as the next
emergence based on the statements of four great thinkers: Plato, Thomas Jefferson,
Martin Luther King, and Michael Sandell. These thinkers do not propose community
as the next emergence, but they do identify community as a central process in human

A description of his experience with community-building projects is included. While
writing this section, the importance of civic fabric in building community confronted him.
Community does not flow from civic fabric. Community does not flow without civic
fabric. Civic fabric is the foundation for community.


90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase

90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment, for beginners allows you to begin real estate investing sooner than you thought. This book provides the road map you need to take from the thinking to the doing stage of wealth building. It arms you with the know-how you need to take that leap and score big in residential real estate rental investing.






False Heroes: Held Hostage by Heritage

‘False Heroes: Held Hostage by Heritage’ is the true story of Diana, a survivor. It tells of her struggle to free herself from the bondage of her authoritative European heritage and her account of a war-ridden childhood, Germany WWII. Her story compels the reader to examine issues from their own past. It ponders the question, “Can we be held prisoners within our own souls?” This book is about reconciling the past with the present in one’s life. A liberating experience, it spans continents and conflicts.





8-Second PR

8-Second PR is a fun public relations for dummies guide with case study examples and publicity tips based on the author booking thousands of media interviews.






Lena’s Hope

In the early 1900s, Lena Harvey, a bright-minded farm girl, wants to graduate from high school. She hopes to attend nursing school or become a midwife. Having no interest in complicating her life with intimate relationships, she plans to focus her efforts toward her calling.

But in a country where people believe they can grow up to become anything they want to be, her dream is crushed. Discover how Lena resolves to make the best of what has been thrown at her, hoping that she can make a difference in the world. As she struggles through the frustrations of her life, can she ever find blessings that bring her joy? Will she ever know true love?

Lena’s story is an inspiration for those of us whose lives have gotten in the way of the plans we made. For us all, there is hope….



When Life Was Like a Cucumber

It’s 1972 and the Sixties are over. Or are they?

When the house they are renting outside of Oneonta, New York, burns to the ground, twenty-four-year old Jeffrey Hesse and his wife, Jane, split up, launching Jeff on a wild journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening. Inspired by an angel calling herself Isadora Duncan, Jeff sets out to see the world and find his place in post Sixties America.





Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength

Atae is a hybrid, a Kaji half-breed, living on the capital planet of the Kajian Empire. In a culture dictated by strength and honor, Atae’s father pushes her to prove herself worthy of being Kaji.

At the elite Sula Academy, hybrids like Atae compete alongside the Kaji purebreds, warriors with the ability to transform into savage battle beasts.





Wyandotte Bound

Bound, like many other strong words, finds its meaning in the perceptions of those it affects. To the Van Sheltons, it is positive and deep-rooted, defining their ties to a vast amount of land abundant in the timber, cattle, and silver that make them the wealthiest and the most powerful family in the town of Wyandotte and influential throughout the state of Nevada.






Amelia’s Gold

The sleek Sea Breeze, staggered by the point-blank fusillade, now leaned like a drunk on a lamp post. Fireworks spewed from the engine room. Then it slid under the waves, the gold in its hold plunging towards Blackbeard’s wreck whence it was wrested many years before.
Now… only a lifeboat with six survivors, all lost in the sullen silence of their shattered lives. Amelia Beach confronted her own torments: three lives lost, her family fortune gone, the Confederate cause probably scuttled as well.
She ached to follow the ship down….to quiet oblivion and relief from remorse. But even this meager reverie was thwarted by nuisances of remaining alive: a queasy stomach, the roll of the lifeboat and the sloshing of greasy bilge water into her shoes and icy feet.



The Descendant: Baltin Trilogy

She wants her world back; he wants her heart.

Tilly Morgan and her four-legged companion, Kodiak, are just trying to survive the alien arrival. Two years ago, the visitors unleashed devastation—a world-wide EMP followed by a deadly virus that wiped out more than half of humanity.





Hannah and Soraya’s Fully Magic Generation-Y *Snowflake* Road Trip Across America

Hannah and Soraya are in the business of making rock music with a social conscience. The way Britain currently works, that means they’re ‘snowflakes’, ‘social justice warriors’, ‘virtue signallers’. They’ve learned to live with the mudslinging, but not happily. Worse than that. It’s starting to overwhelm them. Then, out of the blue, they suffer a string of personal and professional crises. Their solution? A change of scene designed to keep the lid on a looming family cataclysm and draw artistic inspiration from the pre-musical roots of rock (but without the Beats’ misogyny, plus in an eco-friendly car).





The Road to Delano

A high school senior, Jack Duncan dreams of playing college baseball and leaving the political turmoil of the agricultural town Delano behind. Ever since his father, a grape grower, died ten years earlier, he’s suspected that his mother has been hiding the truth from him about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.






Three Proofs That God Exists

Scientifically combining Eastern mysticism and Western metaphysics with miracles and magic, and elements from near-death experiences, death-related visions, proven accounts of reincarnation, archaeological evidence, and an esoteric grasp of the arcane mysteries, Three Empirical Proofs shine forth. This structure of empirical evidence proves, to a “statistical certainty,” that all of these diverse phenomena are the intricately interrelated workings of the “Non-Mechanical Universe,” the Cosmic Consciousness that we call God.






Eighty years from now mankind has discovered the secret of eternal life. Human souls can be moved from one body to another through the process known as transference. Control of this new technology has fallen under the dominion of Jovian, a powerful prophet and head of the Church which governs every aspect of existence.






The Golden Cord of Arram

The Golden Cord of Arram is a psychological thriller. There are high-action sequences and battles, plenty of suspense, and shadowy aliens in the periphery, but the actors on this stage are almost entirely human. Some are caught in the miasma of fascism, and hate-based conspiracy theories, willing to do or say anything to satisfy the drives thrust upon them by their dark will, while other actors fight to preserve individual rights based on love, truth, harmlessness, and the rule of law.






Joe’s Odyssey

In the greatest mid-life crisis ever, Joe Kerson steals a boat from a mob boss and sails around the world with a group of college party boys. As he navigates one bonkers situation after another, will he manage to outwit revenge seeking gangsters?






Prepping For Success: 10 Keys For Making It

Prepping for success is a guided journey that equips you with the principles you need in order to take advantage of your innate inner talents to achieve true success.The 10 keys allow you to not just understand yourself, but they also teach you how to express your best self to others.






The Other Magic

Darkness stirs in a world that is ill-equipped to confront it.

A prophesied king is born, but not all will benefit from his foretold conquests.In a realm where only clerics are permitted to practice magic, Kibure, a mere slave, draws the attention of much more than just his master after wielding an unknown force in a moment of desperation.





A Monster Escapes

A dark force plagues the town of Brettville, Alabama, clawing at its victims and sending them into states of delusion, fear and paranoia. It looks for guilt and grief, trauma that smells and tastes so very sweet. While feeding on these painful memories, it lures its victims into a trap of endless waking nightmares.






The Falconer’s Apprentice

Andreas, an apprentice falconer at Castle Kragenberg, cannot bear the thought of killing the young female falcon and smuggles her out of the castle. Soon he realizes that his own time there has come to an end, and he stows away, with the bird, in the cart of an itinerant trader, Richard of Brugge. So begins a series of adventures that lead him from an obscure castle in northern Germany to the farthest reaches of Frederick von Hohenstaufen’s Holy Roman Empire





Micromium: Clean Energy From Mars

The year is 2038. Earth’s biosphere is on the brink of destruction from the effects of global warming and pollution. The World Energy Council has awarded a lucrative contract to a major US corporation to mine a precious ore discovered by the first manned mission to land on Mars. One kilo of Micromium can power a large city for a year without environmental side effects. Micromium promises to provide clean energy to a thirsty planet far into the future.






Criminal Beware

California, 1922. A growing coastal city is gripped by terror. The savaged remains of a third victim are discovered in the central park. Police find no suspect or motive to explain the violent deaths, nor any link between the victims. Signs are posted throughout the city’s neighborhoods to warn:

CRIMINAL BEWARE – You Are Being Watched




Eternal Shadow

What would you do if the world was going to end in ten years? For Jennifer Epstein, a by-the-books senior researcher at SETI, there is only one answer: prevent the apocalypse from happening. Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus were destroyed by an alien threat. The deck was stacked against humanity before the cards came out of the box.





Farewell My Life

A Cinderella-ish tale with not-so-charming princes in the edgy setting of 1920s and 1930s Berlin during the rise of the Nazis, Farewell My Life spins an operatic tale of dangerous love, obsession and loss; of crumbling, dissolving and nothingness, that revolves around Grace, a shy 17-year-old whose fabulous talent for the violin promises a shimmering career.





Roads to Meaning and Resilience With Cancer

The book tells the stories of 39 patients with incurable lung cancer. It aims to help patients, families, and healthcare providers understand the experience of living with cancer. It also invites reflections on the essential questions of meaning, resilience, and coping with adversity in life.






Increasingly disturbing Christmas decorations from a stranger. Simple phrases with sinister implications. A childhood monster that is all too real and lies waiting. These are some of the seventeen new horror stories by Brandon Faircloth, all of which connect to each other and to the realm of Incarnata–a wondrous and terrifying place filled with miracles and monsters. By the end, you will find yourself in the dark and silent halls of a cursed hotel, standing before a door that simply reads “The Halloween Room”.





Flow Like a River

When the patriarch of a New Orleans crime family dies in a fight-to-the-death with a Chanas Indian chief on the banks of the Mississippi River, little does he know his direct descendant, William Laveaux, will seek revenge 75 years later.






Aid From Above

The book is about what it is really like to be a flight nurse. Kurtis Bell brings over twenty years of flight nursing to bare in this no holes barred account of life working on a medical helicopter. With the most common question asked of him, “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen?” He answers that from his experience and perspective. He is brutally honest and direct. He tells of the early days in Native American AIr Ambulance, when the company was just getting started. It is graphic, vivid and uncensored.





No Long Goodbyes

Wracked with guilt over the tragic deaths of her husband and young son, Kate Cavanagh leaves 1939 Britain to start a new life in Burma, where she falls in love and marries teak plantation manager Jack Bellamy, a widower with two young children.

The 1942 Japanese invasion destroys their idyllic life in Burma. With Jack away fighting the enemy, Kate must embark on a perilous 250-mile journey, on foot, with her children and their Indian ayah.





How Can a Man Die Better

In the summer of 1862, Cage Carew is a self-admitted odd duck and soft handed academic living just north of the Ohio River. Immersed in his studies, he remains steadfastly disinterested in the growing Civil War. However, his indolence is shattered when sadistic slave catcher Francois Devol and his menacing band of outlaws, making accusations and issuing dark threats, invade the community in hot pursuit of a fugitive fleeing north on the Underground Railroad, When two young women are found viciously murdered, the immediate suspects are Devol and his gang who have suddenly vanished into Dixie.




The Art of Hunting Humans

The Art of Hunting Humans presents key aspects of the human mind. With straightforward language, weird metaphors and practical examples, it enables readers to understand human behaviour and evaluate their lives from an outsider’s perspective.






Rock Hard

Ryder, desperate to forget his past, throws himself into touring life and writing music. When Lexi joins the band, Ryder’s life becomes almost tolerable. Until one day when the rest of the band isn’t there and Ryder and Lexi have to share a hotel room: with only one bed.







Effective Leaders and Leadership

In this book, Effective Leaders and Leadership are talked about in almost every facet of life such as: Real Life Situations, Business, the Workplace, the Political Arena, (Spiritually) the Home, and Christian backgrounds.






The 28-Day Relationship Rehab Handbook

Over a period of time, even the strongest connections can begin to fray. With The 28-Day Relationship Rehab Workbook, Mary Delaney presents a series of solution-oriented worksheets to help restore awareness, kickstart communication, and grow appreciation.




My Uncle Makes Dolls to Replace Souls in Hell

When Cora unwittingly brought her Uncle Teddy back from Hell, it was just the start of her problems. She’s entered a world of magic and horror filled with evil occultists that want to kill her, demons and monsters lurking around every corner.





Relics of Andromeda

Anka has believed the stories since childhood: the alien relics bring ruin and madness. Ancient pieces of technology that seem to have minds of their own, the relics interface with human psychology, granting the power to bend space and time. When the colonists of Andromeda first discovered the relics, long before Anka was born, humanity was plunged into chaos.






Entertainment Fundraising: From $0 to $10,000

Entertainment Fundraising is a detailed step-by-step guide to promoting a show and/or Dinner Theater.  The amount you’ll earn is limited only by your willingness to put the suggestions to work.






Empathy Deficit Disorder

Our country is divided in so many ways, with a growing chasm between men and women. The news cycle is discouraging. Emotional and physical toxicity is affecting our health and well-being. There are words for what is happening. We are suffering from an empathy deficit disorder.





On a Cold Day in Hell

The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Stephen Parkes, a former Airborne Ranger and law school graduate, has been charged with a brutal crime. A career prosecutor has made him an offer of thirty years in return for a guilty plea. He has a hanging judge and his own public defender wants him to die in prison.






One Bite at a Time

A dead body that never decays. A magic trick with horrific consequences. An apartment with a unique roach problem. Finding a serial killer’s cell phone. Visiting a childhood friend who insists you really must see what’s in a nearby tunnel. This book contains twenty-five terrifying new horror stories by Brandon Faircloth, all of them short enough to be enjoyed a bite at a time.






Zena: Soldier

A war without end. The woman who began a revolution. All Zena wants is a life beyond her home planet, the North Star. The life of a soldier.  When her brother is drafted into the Holy Army, Zena impersonates him to save his life. But women are forbidden from fighting in the army, and she will be killed if she’s caught. Her love affair with the High Priest’s daughter only makes matters worse.





An Extraordinary Life

In December 1944, P. Frank casually walked into the Pharamcie De La Nation in Paris and met Sophie, a frenchwoman. At the time, P. Frank couldn’t have imagined this chance encounter and friendship/marriage would lead to a ten year ” international war,” involving the use of private detectives.






The Robber of Youth

Fifteen year old Rosaletta Guiterrez finds things turning from bad to worse after witnessing the tragic accident that takes her brother’s life. Estranged from the only family she’s ever known, Rosaletta is sent to a foster home, to live with a couple she can’t relate to as she struggles to get on with her life.






Losing Normal

Everyone we love, everything we know, is going away…and only an autistic boy can stop it.

Giant screen televisions appear all over the city. The programming is addictive. People have to watch, but Alex cannot.






Written By Blood

Cane was supposed to be out of sight. His most important asset has always been his anonymity, spanning back to his days as an assassin for the U.S. government. But when he finds a cassette player taped to the bumper of his vehicle, he realizes someone not only knows what car he drives, but the routes he takes, as well as what’s most important to him.






The Sugar Merchant

When Thomas’s family is annihilated in a raid, his life changes forever. Wandering for days, starving and hopeless, he is rescued by a monk and is taken to live at the abbey of Eynsham. There he receives a curious education, training to be a scholar, a merchant and a spy.






Kim’s Memoir

An 80 year old retired jurist, Kim has lived through World War II, the Korean War, and the Cold War. Read as he walks us through his life filled with rich tradition and turbulent waters.






Destiny of the Wulf

In the eternal battle between dark magic and light, brothers Coinin and Marrok Wulf are called by an ancient Brotherhood to fulfil a great prophecy that will tip the fate of their world forever.







You Saw Something You Shouldn’t Have

You step into the dark for a thrill. To be entertained. Then you find yourself in a school where a group of friends have brought something terrible to life. You meet a family whose extraordinary luck comes at a horrific price. You write a letter to yourself and get a reply that leads to death and madness.







Productivity Equation: The Four Step Process to Accomplishing More of What’s Important to You

Do you feel that you have tried every time-management tool available with no real increase in your productivity?

In Productivity Equation, you will learn a simple, four-step process to improve your productivity permanently.






Finding Santa: The Adventure of Greedy Elf

What happens when one of Santa’s elves doesn’t want to share anymore? Using magic, Greedy Elf shrinks Santa and takes over Santa’s workshop. Solve the clues that a pixie leaves behind and break the spell. Told by Ellie Elf, Santa’s photographer, her story illustrates the transforming power of love.






A Price of Blood

Set in Regency England in the year 1811, A Price of Blood continues the saga of the Anowen Coven’s growing family in a story of the triumph of true love and happiness amid supernatural conflict and political intrigue.







The Company of Demons

The brutal murder of a friend leaves lawyer John Coleman stunned and sends shockwaves through the city of Cleveland. The technique of the killing recalls memories of the Torso Murderer, who dismembered at least twelve people decades ago and then vanished–eluding even legendary crime fighter Eliot Ness.






Wanna Go Wanna Stay

In the 70s, Maria Jordan is a Pastor’s daughter who follows her dream and moves to Atlanta. Though the college grad is making mega-money in a corporate job, she’s ready to settle down, marry, and begin a family. Then Mark enters her life. A handsome, intelligent man, Mark seems like the answer to Maria’s dreams. Instead, he becomes her nightmare.






The Outsiders: Book One

When Jason saw his grandfather, the renowned surgeon Dr. Patrick Barron, carrying a woman’s lifeless body into the woods, he was terrified. When Dr. Barron admitted to it and started explaining why it was necessary, Jason’s life would never be the same.







Sage Stone: The Magic Between the Worlds

Sage Stone and his twin sister Hanah have no idea how their lives will change on the day Sage is chosen by the Thunder Beings. He is brought back from the brink of death by their Grandfather Jack, the shaman of the Tachi nation.







When We Sleep

When We Sleep chronicles a four month journey through the subconscious and waking life of a prolific dreamer and the events and dream scenarios described are so bizarre that you really couldn’t make them up.







American River: Tributaries

Owen McPhalan’s Mockingbird Valley Ranch is still a thriving family business in 1959. But when his wife, Marian, leaves Mockingbird to follow her dream of becoming a successful artist, she ignites a firestorm that impacts the descendants of three families.






Melissa and Kasho

Melissa, a shy teenage girl, feels lost in a transnational high society world that drives her to the depths of despair. But her attraction to the very human Kasho, who has snippets of philosophy to impart, eventually enables her to develop her own strengths. But Kasho doesn’t dwell physically on Earth.






Give Place to Wrath

Detective Roger Viceroy, divisional head of the Midwest Region Special Crimes Unit, awakes one morning to a bombing in a wealthy suburb of Milwaukee. As he and his team dive into the investigation, a mysterious clue launches a manhunt with scant other evidence to point them in the right direction.






Valley Fever

A devastating earthquake that rocked Southern California turns Jill Cassidy’s life upside down, but the quake is nothing compared to what looms on the horizon. Armed with determination and an incomplete graduate degree in geology, Jill embarks on a dangerous journey through a world of elves and monsters she had no idea existed.






Zoey’s Zany Life

With a perfect twin sister and friends who have everything, Zoey Song can’t catch a break from quirky mishaps and hilarious accidents. Trouble follows this mischievous redhead everywhere. Can Zoey find a place in her world where life isn’t unbearable?






The Perfect Partner

Ursula LeCoeur’s The Perfect Partner is a Victorian romance set in New Orleans in the Gilded Age. In a city that knows pleasure—from elaborate balls to decadent food and drink—true love can be elusive. Of course, there’s always a love potion from the local voodoo priestess.






Willow’s Way

Willow Armstrong was a successful business woman in the world of weight loss and fitness until it was all suddenly upended following a devastating divorce. Now Willow must take a journey of self-discovery to learn the truth about her past as she sets about reclaiming her life.






The Secret Keeper

What if the worst thing isn’t that they don’t believe you? What if the worst thing is that they just don’t care? Seventeen year-old Emily has accepted the truth of her past trauma and made peace with her battered egos. She’s won the first battle… barely… but the war in her psyche still rages.






Breaking Into the Light

Even as hope begins to dawn, the Legionnaires wonder if they can ever be free of the darkness that haunts them… if their master, the beautifully treacherous Imperial Praetor, will ever really let them go.






Home: Interstellar

Murdered parents. A busted spaceship. Stories that horrified the therapists and terrified the space stations. The tentacles of a corrupt Earth reach out to strangle the near-earth stars. The single person who can stop it is Meriel Hope—if only she can remember.






Sunny Days

When a Natural Disaster visits Martine’s colorful little neighborhood, she thinks of a brilliant way to help people get back on their feet!
In this incredible story, International Award-Winning Author Jesse Byrd teams up with Master Illustrator Anastasiia Ku to Create a Picture Book of Laughter & Hope.






The Simple and Easy Manager

In The Simple and Easy Manager: What Managers Need to Know Before They Need to Know It, business consultant and executive coach Ned Parks illustrates that management problems can often be solved with easy-to-implement solutions.







Alexa is discovering that her whole life has been a lie. As her nineteenth birthday approaches, her true identity is revealed. The incredible world of witchcraft and Otherworlds come to light. Pulled into a prophecy centuries old, her existence takes a turn for the surreal.






The Seventh Seed

While researching the cause of beehive demise across the country, scientific prodigy Javier stumbles onto a breakthrough discovery—a virus carried by bugs that insecticides can’t eradicate. It explains a string of human illnesses and deaths, and it means a vaccine is possible. But instead of his achievement being celebrated, his bosses try to murder him.






Death Before Dishonor

Everything about brothers Terry and Yuri is a lie—their lifestyles, their careers, their behavior, right down to their friendly smiles. Beneath the veneer of luxury, lurk two killers with a lethal skill-set that was taught to them by a legendary subculture long-thought extinct.