Person to Person – Editorial Review


Title: Person to Person: Change Your life and Fix the World

Authors: Joeri Torfs and Pim Ampe

Genre: Non-Fiction / Social Science


In Person to Person, readers are guided through the building blocks and high-level functions of a society that focuses on connection, agency, and freedom. Working from the inside (individual) out (society), Person to Person demonstrates how we can make change to increase our quality of life and strengthen human connection to create more efficient, effective communities in our world.

From identifying our individual core purpose to constructing effective financial environments and fostering fair personal and professional partnerships, the idea of a “person to person” community takes shape throughout the book. The authors apply the book’s concepts to real-life examples by incorporating a cast of characters encountering everyday challenges. As readers follow the characters’ story, they’ll get a clearer understanding of the benefits and potential of what a “person to person” society does—and doesn’t—look like.

The book ambitiously attempts to address the personal, professional, financial, societal, and technological applications of a “person to person” approach. Some sections of the book are less universal than others, so readers may find it difficult to engage with the sections that aren’t in their direct interest.

For example, everyone can apply the mindset and purpose-seeking strategies that the introductory chapters in Part One offer. Business professionals may have more to glean from “The Collaborative Agreement,” a chapter focused on team-building and collaboration. Sections that discuss financial strategies may be accessible, but they can also be intimidating. The latter half of the book focuses on a highly technical and complex breakdown of financial approaches that can support a “person to person” society.

Each chapter has footnotes with citations that note where all research was sourced. Including citations in a visible, clear location adds validity to the facts in the book and allows readers to easily do their own research if they wish. Readers should note that some of the resources that are recommended/referred to are ones that the authors themselves are involved in.

At the end of each chapter, there’s a QR code that readers can scan which takes them to a website where they can interact with other readers and access supplemental tools. With so much content to cover, this is a helpful tool for readers to engage with the text and with each other.

Jam-packed with examples, concepts, diagrams, and step-by-step guides, Person to Person is hefty, technical, and dense. The book has enough content that would perfectly suit an online course or a series of handbooks. Readers will need their highlighters, notepads, and bookmarks for this mammoth of a book chock full of life changing—and society changing—information.

Whether you’re a college student striving for your dreams or an established business seeking to value quality-of-life in their procedures, Person to Person is written so anyone can benefit from its insights. With concrete examples and a creative lens, Person to Person offers a unique approach to life that is inclusive, comprehensive, and adaptable. In Person to Person, we follow four fictional college students who show us what life could look like if we work together and build a future centered around purpose, sustainability, and fulfillment.



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