Editorial Review – Productivity Equation: The Four Step Process to Accomplishing More of What’s Important to You


Title: Productivity Equation: The Four Step Process to Accomplishing More of What’s Important to You

Author: Elita Torres

Genre: Business / Productivity


Most people have specific goals about what they want to accomplish in a specific time period, such as a day, month, or year. Everyone has days where they wish they could’ve been more productive, or even if they were quite productive, found more time for fun and relationships. Readers can find themselves wishing they were more efficient in the blocks of time they issue at work and at home. This takes knowledge, and readers of self-help and self-enrichment books are aware that a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

Productivity Equation: The Four Step Process to Accomplishing More of What’s Important to You, by Elita Torres, can easily be the next step toward meeting this goal. The text is written as a self-help and personal development resource for business-minded individuals to be more productive and successful. It invites people to invest in the best resource available: themselves.

Elita Torres is a leader at helping people grow and develop their own business. Yet, Torres is also an everyday person just like many of her readers. In her text, she describes her experiences of being overwhelmed by all she needed to manage: work, home, social life, and family. She found herself rushing through life and constantly under the pressure of an ever-growing to-do list. When she realized the pressure had gotten to her to the point of strained interactions with her family, she knew she had to do something different.

Based on her own experiences and years of helping other people be their most successful selves, Torres developed the Productivity Equation. Comprised of four parts, the equation and this accompanying text are designed to help the reader improve their mindset, habits, systems, and plans. By improving these areas, anyone can become more productive, more successful, and just plain happier.

Throughout her text, Torres gives in-depth advice on how to improve the four areas of the Productivity Equation. Her advice is often presented in list-based formats, which is convenient for a quick snapshot of the information. Perhaps this is even fitting with the goals of the Productivity Equation as it allows for a quick look back at the content for additional review. However, during a first reading, the list-based format may not always appeal as the most interesting approach for the reader to engage with.

Readers will find similarities between Torres’s work and other popular personal development books on the market. For example, those who enjoy the The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People may also find value in Productivity Equation. This text may have some redundancies; however, it makes for a nice companion piece. Torres’s personal stories also help to make her relatable, which can make her approaches seem realistic and like something anyone can implement just from reading her book.

This book is a straightforward resource for increasing one’s productivity at work. Readers should certainly consider adding the advice found in Productivity Equation to their personal equation for success.




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