Editorial Review – 8-Second PR


Title: 8-Second PR: Energize Your Story for Ultimate Media Success

Author: Liz H. Kelly

Genre: Non-Fiction / Public Relations / Marketing


With many brands competing within the same market, it is often difficult to distinguish one from the other, even more so when one adds technology and social media to the mix. 8-second PR is a book that aims to help individuals and companies who are aiming to establish brand identity and achieve profitability. The formula is laid out across 8 steps, each of which will build a solid foundation to ensure success.

Right out of the gate, Liz H. Kelly hooks the reader with a challenge: Can you gain someone’s attention in 8 seconds, which is purportedly the average attention span of an adult? This is the kind of introduction that immediately grabs readers, effectively demonstrating the basic premise of the book that marketing is all about making an impression. Using the right tools, you can then build on that impression to make sure it is sustained.

The author wrote each section almost as if the reader were going on a quest, with each PR skill classified as a superpower that the reader should aim to acquire. This was probably intended to be a quirky, catchy way to present the skills being discussed. However, there were instances when this seemed almost like an unnecessary gimmick, especially in a book of this caliber. On the other hand, it did add a unifying element which tied the whole book together.

This isn’t a book for everyone. It caters to a very specific target audience, one that is interested in learning all about consumers and what makes them tick. That being said, what the author knows, she clearly knows very well. It was evident throughout the chapters that she understood exactly how the current market operates. Her emphasis on the importance of a compelling narrative that people can get behind, as well as her insights on social media were spot on. Anyone who has ever seen a video gone viral will be able to attest to this.

The author frequently drew from her own experiences when talking about how to develop PR skills. There were portions of the book where the author talked a lot about her own company’s work and what they offer clients in terms of PR. While this added to her credibility, it also had the unintended side effect of feeling like a partial advertisement. The case studies scattered throughout the chapters were a more effective way of generating discussion. It also gave readers space to reflect and learn from the success and failures of other existing brands.

Anchored by an insightful understanding of modern society, and the impact of social media, and influencer culture on consumerism, 8-second PR provides a roadmap for navigating the global market as it is today. Whether one is trying to sell a movie, a book, a product, or a service, the invaluable advice offered in this book makes it a must-read for any marketing aspirant, with useful tools and proven strategies they can take with them all the way to the bank.



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