Editorial Review – Entertainment Fundraising


Title: Entertainment Fundraising

Author: Brian Carpenter

Genre: Non-Fiction / Fundraising / Non-Profit


Fundraising is made easy in Entertainment Fundraising, an informational handbook that breaks down how to incorporate entertainment in a fundraiser. Centering the author’s charity and entertainment service, this guide promises to help in organizing a flawless promotional campaign or fundraising event that will bring in donations, sponsors, and happy guests.

Carpenter features his own charity, the Wish Fairy Foundation, and their entertainment service, a comedy hypnosis show/dinner theater, as an example and an option for how to apply the steps and recommendations in the handbook. The Wish Fairy Foundation’s family friendly services and positive mission will entice and excite possible clients. Even if you do not choose to hire the Wish Fairy Foundation specifically, the guide still contains pertinent, useful information.  

Clear and concise, the language used to explain the many steps of what it takes to hold a successful fundraiser is easy to understand and free of overwhelming business jargon. Carpenter proves his experience and expertise as he answers every question or concern possible about entertainment fundraising.

The guide provides plenty of alternatives and flexible suggestions to suit different clients, audiences, and financial circumstances. Some of these sections are in a list format, making an abundance of information easy to digest.

The guide emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration during the fundraising planning and executing process. Taking a personal but professional approach, these sections about interpersonal communication are a refreshing break from the bulk of the guide, which focuses on financial/business details.

The guide, though informative, lacks impact because of its need for stronger organization. At times, the sections abruptly run into one another rather than seamlessly flow together. More distinct, broader categories to separate or join sections based on their topic would have prevented the choppy transitions and created more cohesion overall.

One of the most important sections in the entire guide, “Sales Tips & Techniques,” highlights the most essential points that will help meet a fundraising goal. Filled with diverse advice, varying from building good communication and morale to creating effective sales pitches and presentations, the tips in this section are vital to executing the best fundraising results. Unfortunately, this section gets lost in the mix of others because it’s essentially buried in-between other “Sales” sections.

There were over a dozen sections on “Sales,” which either provide technical information about financial strategies or team building/communication tips. However, the sections’ placements lack rhyme or reason and make the entire guide feel a bit cluttered.

The guide ends on an abrupt note, with a section on business contracts. When looking at the book overall, ending with a section that discusses good morale or keeping high spirits throughout the fundraising process would have been a more fitting way to round out the guide.

The detailed tips and techniques provided in Entertainment Fundraising will make any business or non-profit feel supported and well-prepared during their fundraising ventures. Carpenter’s no-nonsense style makes his guidelines comprehensive and approachable. From advice on building an effective, strong team to creating a detailed sales plan, the guide will lead clients every step of the way to make their fundraiser a successful one.



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