Editorial Review – The Melancholy History of Mayfly

  Title: The Melancholy History of Mayfly Author: Mutch Katsonga Genre: Supernatural/Coming-of-Age   In The Melancholy History of Mayfly, Mutch Katsonga tells the story of a young man named Childe who is kept hidden by his parents during his whole childhood because of a curse he possesses. Childe falls in love with a girl named… Read More Editorial Review – The Melancholy History of Mayfly

Editorial Review – Unlawful Presence

  Title: Unlawful Presence Author: William A. Lasher Genre: Science fiction / Cyberpunk / Action & Adventure   When a futuristic federal law enforcement officer named Nancy goes into high gear with her high voltage annihilator to deactivate rogue androids, the escapades are just beginning in author William A. Lasher’s novel, Unlawful Presence. Lasher provides… Read More Editorial Review – Unlawful Presence

Editorial Review – A Jingle Valley Wedding

  Author: Martha Reynolds Title: A Jingle Valley Wedding Genre: Women’s Fiction   This story explores the relational struggles of Julie Tate, a thirty-four-year-old career woman who starts to find her life lonely and unfulfilling. When her brother leaves the family farm and moves to Arizona, she’s the only one left, and her best friend,… Read More Editorial Review – A Jingle Valley Wedding