Advertise Your Book or Service



Advertise Your Book or Service


The Book Review Directory is open for people/companies to advertise their books or services.


Some background on this website:

  • It’s backed up by BRD’s Twitter account currently over 6,000 followers
  • Due to the variety of book reviews featured, it receives a healthy flow from search engines. It varies by the type of book, but recently a book review post of ours, when searched with the book’s title and “book review,” is (at the time of writing this) the number 1 listing on page 1 of Bing (higher than Goodreads’s entry), page 1 on Yahoo, and page 2 on Google.
  • Regularly scheduled posts
  • The directory of book reviewers grows regularly, and at the time of writing this, there are over 150 book review bloggers listed, making it an excellent resource for people to keep returning.
  • Since it was created in 2015, The Book Review Directory has seen over 100,000 visitors and over 260,000 page views


There are three options for advertisements:


Option A: Sidebar advertisements (regarding books or service advertisements):

  • A 4 month or 1 year sidebar advertisement on every page and post (see the two right sidebars for examples)
  • Click the header link for more information


Option B: Sponsored posts to feature your book (only regarding books):

  • Choose from 4 different types of sponsored posts on this website to feature your book
  • The entire post is exclusively about your book. Your book won’t get buried under a dozen others within the same post, like it might with some other services in the marketplace.
  • Your post includes a purchase link so readers can acquire it
  • There is no requirement for your book to be priced a certain amount (e.g. no free or $0.99 price requirement)
  • You receive a longer area to showcase a sample/excerpt of your book than most other services
  • Our sponsored posts featuring your book are shareable via social media, whereas most other services (especially the newsletter based ones) are not
  • The author receives long-term benefit of their sponsored post even after the initial posting, as readers still find the post via search results and The Book Review Directory’s website archive tool
  • The post will generate a social media shout-out, featuring your book on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr
  • Starting at just $4.50 per post
  • Click the header link for more information


Option C: Editorial Review for your self-published or traditionally published book (only regarding books):

  • The BRD staff will read your book in-full
  • We will write a professional, Editorial Review of your book, including quotes you can use for Editorial Reviews on Amazon, book cover jackets, etc.
  • If you like your Editorial Review, we will post it on The Book Review Directory, including a purchase link
  • The post will generate a social media shout-out, featuring your book on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr
  • Click the header link for more information



“Deciding to set up promotion posts with BRD was a no-brainer. Not only are they easy to work with, the options they offer ensured I got a post that best matched my needs. I’ve been impressed with this website for a while and have seen the interaction that happens here. I had no doubt my content would be noticed.” -Allison Maruska, author of The Fourth Descendant

“Book Review Directory’s sponsored posts are easy to create. The format allows the user to build interesting ads sure to catch the eye of potential readers. Their service is excellent, giving the user assurance they are in the hands of a professional.” -Jason Nugent, author of Blood Stone

“BRD provides great customer service and more. As writers themselves, BRD knows what writers need most—exposure, exposure, exposure —and they provide it with advertising opportunities that reach many readers all at an affordable price.” -Pam Lazos, author of Oil & Water

“I’ve used both the longer editorial and the paid display ad services and have found everything BRD does to be exceptional and well worth the money. I’m very pleased with the end result. I highly recommend BRD to all authors and readers, and will use again. 5 out of 5 stars, no doubt.” – M.J. Roberts, author of Rock Hard: Chord Brothers Series

“BRD is a pleasure to work with. They make it easy to keep track of ads and is also affordable. This site is a great way to do some extra advertising.” -Diamante Lavendar, author of Breaking the Silence

“Advertising on BRD has been amazing. They are truly wonderful to work with. They go the second mile and advocate their clients like no other I’ve worked with. I highly recommend their services.” -Julieann Dove, author of Searching For Sarah

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