What to Do With Your Editorial Review


You’ve passed some major writing milestones. You finished your manuscript, got it edited and published, then got a well-worded, unbiased, professional Editorial Review for your book.

But…now what? How do you share the reviewers’ thoughts with the rest of the world?


Social Media

You want to share your best review quotes with your fans and anyone else who might be following you or happen across your online accounts. After all, this is one of the major reasons you have them…so you can tell others “Don’t just buy my book because I think it’s good. Buy it because _____ says it’s good.”

So, feel free to repost the Editorial Review article on your Facebook, Twitter, or other online accounts. There will usually be links at the bottom of the original article that make this easy.

Or you can select choice excerpts and send them out (giving the reviewing company proper attribution). But don’t worry. This isn’t anything academic. Something as simple as “[insert Editorial Review quote here].” -The Book Review Directory works just fine).



You can share your Editorial Review with followers via their email addresses if you have an email list, or you can add the review as part of your signature line to where everyone you email, moving forward, will be able to hear how great the reviewing company thought your book was.

Here’s how to alter your signature line:

  • Go to the signature option on your email account, usually found under “Settings.”
  • Type a short message into the text box, like “You can read the Editorial Review for my book, ____, here.” You could also quote from the Editorial Review itself afterward, but remember, this is a signature line, and if it gets too long, it’s likely to be ignored.
  • Then, click the hyperlink icon and insert the link to the original Editorial Review article.
  • Make sure the hyperlink works by clicking it.
  • If applicable, check the box that says, “Insert this signature before quoted text…”
  • Finally, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes” and you’re done!



If your book is sold through Amazon, there are a few critical spots where you can put quotes from your editorial review to help your book shine (and to help would-be readers decide that, yes, they really do want to read your story).

You can put the best quotes into your book’s Editorial Reviews section, or you can post the entire Editorial Review in the “From the Back Flap” section (provided the reviewing company has given you permission to repost the article in its entirety). This would become the first thing visitors to your book’s Amazon page would see when they scroll down.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Log into your Amazon Author page.
  • Create your author page, if you haven’t already done this step.
  • Claim your books (if they aren’t already on your page).
  • Click on the book’s tab.
  • Go down to “Editorial Reviews.”
  • Pick out a few quotes from the review in question.
  • Add them under “Reviews.”
  • Make sure to include attribution. Your readers will want to know who said the nice words about your book.
  • To add the entire Editorial Review, go to “From the Back Cover.” Then paste the entire review into the text box again, making sure you include attribution.


Remember that while the words of the Editorial Review isn’t yours, what you do with them is up to you, as long as you use them as quotes. You can sprinkle them into your book’s online descriptions on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Smashwords, and anywhere else your book is sold, and when pitching your book to future reviewers, you can include the quotes to help convince them that it’s worth their time to read your book.

After all, a professional took the time write the words about your book in the first place. Don’t just let those words sit around idle…make them work for you!






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