The Perfect Partner – Editorial Review

  Title: The Perfect Partner Author: Ursula LeCoeur Genre: Historical Romance   The Perfect Partner by Ursula LeCoeur is described as a Historical Romance, but it also reads as a thriller, which will make it popular among those who like that genre. The first thing to know about The Perfect Partner is that the romantic aspect has a love triangle, which always seems to… Read More The Perfect Partner – Editorial Review

Just Good Clean Fun – Editorial Review

  Title: Just Good Clean Fun Author: Michael J. Hawron Genre: Historical Fiction / Spy Thriller / International Intrigue   Just Good Clean Fun, by Michael J. Hawron, is a spy thriller set in the 1970s and 1980s. Like many spy thriller novels, Just Good Clean Fun follows a seemingly average (albeit handsome and charming man), who secretly has some… Read More Just Good Clean Fun – Editorial Review

The Metanoia Phases: The Change of Heart – Editorial Review

  Title: The Metanoia Phases: The Change of Heart Author: Maria E. L. Thomassen Genre: YA Fantasy   Magic, romance, and family secrets collide in this young adult fantasy novel by Maria Thomassen. As the crowned princess of Serendia, Maria has always known love and security. Beloved by friends and family and admired by many,… Read More The Metanoia Phases: The Change of Heart – Editorial Review

Willow’s Way – Editorial Review

  Title: Willow’s Way Author: Sharon Struth Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance   Willow Armstrong was a successful business woman in the world of weight loss and fitness until it was all suddenly upended following a devastating divorce. In the wake of losing everything she’s built, she learns that she’s willed a home in England from grandparents she’s… Read More Willow’s Way – Editorial Review

The Doctor’s Dilemma – Editorial Review

  Title: The Doctor’s Dilemma Author: Daly Walker Genre: Short story anthology   The coronavirus pandemic has brought medical professionals to the center of attention on the world stage. There has never been more of an awareness of the daily struggles or a greater interest in the day-to-day life in a hospital environment. The Doctor’s… Read More The Doctor’s Dilemma – Editorial Review