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*** Update: I am pausing accepting submissions until July 15th, 2017 to catch up on what I have in. Please feel free to check back then. Any submissions received during the pause will not be read. Thanks! ***


Want to include your book review blog to the directory? Simply fill out the form below. Please understand that it may take a bit of time to add you to the list. The current wait is approx. 1-3 months.

To be included (and kept on the list ongoing):

  • Your website/blog needs to primarily be about books. Of course, not every post needs to be book-related.
  • Have more than 20 book reviews already posted and more than 3 months in existence
  • You need to be actively posting book reviews. What qualifies as “active” does vary, but it’s generally clear if a blog writer has stopped trying.
  • Your blog needs to have a clear submission guidelines page and tab for what you accept and how an author can submit their book to you. Please make this easy to find on your website, ideally along the top.
  • You need to be open to review indie and traditionally published books submitted by the author without cost to the author
  • Have at least 100 current followers/subscribers/mailing list members on/attached to the submitted blog

This should be obvious, but by being placed on the list, people will approach you to review their book (which is a major purpose to this website). If you do not want people approaching you to review their book (or if you’re not open to reviewing them), then please do not apply to be added to the directory. You can make the review submissions policy as thick of a filter as you wish to minimize the flow to your preferred tastes. By no means are you obligated to accept everything that is submitted to you.

If you wish to temporarily pause accepting books (say if you’re overloaded with requests), no problem; just say so on your “Review Submissions” page/tab until you’re ready to turn it back on. This is best done with a target date of when you’ll be accepting books for reviews again. Pausing your acceptance of submitted books doesn’t jeopardize/change your placement on the directory, as long as it’s not an excessively long time.

There is no cost whatsoever to be on the list, and by being added, you are eligible for selection to be featured on this website’s home page as well as my main blog, A Writer’s Path. When you are featured, you are given credit, a short bio, and a link to your blog for my readers to check out. Another benefit to being on the list is the flow of web traffic to your blog/website from this directory as well as awesome free books from authors. : )

If you have any questions before filling out the form, feel free to use the contact me form.



24 thoughts on “Join the List”

  1. Nice site you got here! You “liked” a review on my blog which caused me to follow your link. Looks like I don’t quite qualify for your list just yet, but I’ll be back…


  2. This is a great service to both authors and reviewers. I have just started a service for reviewers in which they can link a post they have already reviewed to my site. I do take a few books to review, but I primarily review already published books. I get a lot of requests for others to review, however. Good for you doing this.


  3. This looks like a nice site and a helpful directory. I started featuring book reviews on my blog last year and I have 25 total now. I just submitted the form to be included. I’m always looking for new indie books to read!


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