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Are you missing out on book sales?


Every author has asked this question at least once. You may be thinking that you aren’t receiving all the sales your book deserves. You’re not alone.

According to Forbes, between 600,000 and 1,000,000 new books are published every year. Your book has to compete with all the new books published yearly in your genre, as well as the ones that are currently on the shelves, digital or otherwise.

How do you combat the competition? We believe the answer is honing your book’s blurb. These days, readers need to be compelled to reach into their pockets. That’s where we come in.


“The Book Review Directory’s blurb writing service was a great time, toil, and aggravation saver on a task that was really frustrating me. Their team added just the right zip to what I was trying to say. Nice job!”  Roy V. Gaston, author of How Can A Man Die Better


There are a lot more people visiting your book’s sales page than you might think.

You know exactly how many people have purchased your book, but not how many have visited its page. For every person who has purchased your book, there’s a crowd who visit your page and move on without buying. Those are lost sales, and it’s bleeding your bottom line.

Every author experiences some of this. The question is, what is your conversion rate? How many potential customers are passing on your book? 


We will write a blurb from scratch based on information you provide us. You’ll either send us a summary or synopsis of your book, and we’ll get to work to write a 180-300 word blurb within one week, showing off the best aspects of your story. The information in the survey below gives us all the information we need.

We’ll show readers why they should purchase your book.


Rate in USD: $25.00


Invoices are sent via Paypal, which can be paid via any major credit card or by Paypal transfer.


“The Book Review Directory took my synopsis and created a blurb that captured the essence of my story, drawing readers into my fantasy world. Their turn-around was quick and they were very professional to work with.” -Heather Kindt, author of The Green Door


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More testimonials:


“We contacted Ryan to assist us with writing the blurb for our speculative fantasy novel, Augee: Guardian of Hohala. We’d had particular trouble configuring the blurb text to best showcase the novel’s plot in a way that would appeal strongly to the target YA audience because we felt, as the writers, we were too close to the story to be clear-eyed and objective. After supplying Ryan with the information he requested, he promptly produced a draft blurb text that was purposefully crafted and which read entirely different to our efforts; most importantly, it hit the notes we needed. We were in need of a writer who knows what they are doing to cast a “fresh” eye on the novel’s plot and to steer us in the right direction with the blurb. Ryan absolutely helped us in that regard, and we would avail of his services again.” -Cormac Lambe, co-author of The Augee Series








I reserve the right to display blurbs I’ve written, sourced from this service, in my portfolio on this website for perspective clients to read.