Editorial Review – American River: Tributaries

  Title: American River: Tributaries Author: Mallory M. O’Connor Genre: Historical Fiction   American River: Tributaries follows the lives of three families of Irish, Mexican, and Japanese descent. Though their ancestors all settled on the American River in Northern California, the generations following spread out across the country, making the families’ interconnection all the more… Read More Editorial Review – American River: Tributaries

The Megarothke – Book Review

  Title: The Megarothke Author: Robert Ashcroft Genre: Horror, science fiction The Megarothke, the debut novel from author Robert Ashcroft, is billed as “Blade Runner meets Westworld via Resident Evil.”  Rarely do I buy into publisher hyperbole concerning new books, but in this case I don’t think it goes nearly far enough.  While the elevator pitch… Read More The Megarothke – Book Review

Editorial Review – Melissa and Kasho

  Title: Melissa and Kasho Author: Camilla Chance Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal   A young girl from a comfortable upbringing goes on a journey to discover her full potential in this latest offering from author Camilla Chance. Melissa has always followed the rules, especially those set out by her domineering and abusive parents. An… Read More Editorial Review – Melissa and Kasho

I Am the Messenger – Book Review

  Title: I Am the Messenger Author: Markus Zusak Genre: Literary Fiction/YA   Ed Kennedy knows he’s a nobody. However, after the nineteen-year-old cab driver thwarts a bumbling bank robbery attempt, Ed is selected by an unknown party to make a difference in the lives of people he’s never met before. His leads? Nothing more than addresses and… Read More I Am the Messenger – Book Review