Editorial Review – When Darkness Descends

  Title: When Darkness Descends (The Relevation Trilogy Book 1) Author: G. W. Lücke Genre: Epic Fantasy / Mystery / Fantasy Adventure   When Darkness Descends is the first book in The Relevation Trilogy. Tom witnesses his grandmother’s murder, and he can never forgive himself for not being able to help her. He explores the… Read More Editorial Review – When Darkness Descends

Editorial Review – The One Singularity

  Author: RD Palmer Title: The One Singularity Genre: Science Fiction   The first in a trilogy that explores the socio-political consequences of technological advances in facial recognition, the internet of things, and allowing so much data to be collected via online applications, The One Singularity examines what it means to be human and what… Read More Editorial Review – The One Singularity

Editorial Review – Sunset Over the Rockies

  Title: Sunset Over the Rockies Author: Tom E. Hicklin Genre: Historical Fiction   In Sunset Over the Rockies, the American West is the setting for one man’s greatest happiness and heartache. Bill Barton survives a violent attack that kills his friend, Horace, and it changes his life forever. When the people who killed Horace… Read More Editorial Review – Sunset Over the Rockies