Editorial Review – Think Before You Ink

  Title: Think Before You Ink and Other Cautionary Tales Author: Alison Bossert Genre: Essays, Humor, and Satire   This short volume features twenty-one stories and essays, some humorous, some serious, but all lighthearted, pithy, and amusing. They share a common point-of-view—that of a single career woman who has come to value time and relationships more than technology… Read More Editorial Review – Think Before You Ink

Editorial Review – With Eyes Wide Open

  Title: With Eyes Wide Open Author: Kelly J. McMullin Genre: Mystery   With Eyes Wide Open by Kelly J. McMullin is an exciting and thrilling mystery. The story focuses on the main character, Sam Brodie. She is the Police Chief of Cherokee Falls. During a ground-breaking ceremony, she plunks her shovel into a buried skull. This launches into an investigation into the death.

Editorial Review – Mobius Syndrome: Catalyst

  Title: Mobius Syndrome: Catalyst Author: Amanda Quintenz-Fielder Genres: Science fiction / Clean romance / Mystery    Mobius Syndrome: Catalyst by Amanda Quintenz-Fielder is the first in a trilogy about Taylor, a 25-year-old woman who relives her past in frequent violent episodes called lapses. Taylor is confined to a mental hospital, where Dr. Riaz tries… Read More Editorial Review – Mobius Syndrome: Catalyst

Editorial Review – Strutting and Fretting

  Title: Strutting and Fretting Author: Kevin McKeon Genre: Coming of Age   Bob—with an untested theater degree—settles into a coveted position with a summer repertory theater in California. He comes with baggage though, as his young marriage has already been rocked by infidelity. With half the country separating Bob from his estranged wife, Gina, he has just… Read More Editorial Review – Strutting and Fretting

Editorial Review – Cruising from Boston to Montreal

  Title: Cruising from Boston to Montreal: Discovering Coastal and Riverside wonders in Maine, the Canadian Maritimes, and Along the St. Lawrence River Author: Sunny Lockwood Genre: Travel Memoir   Cruising from Boston to Montreal by Sunny Lockwood (with contributions from her husband, Al Lockwood) is a travel memoir or travelog of their cruise along… Read More Editorial Review – Cruising from Boston to Montreal

Editorial Review – The Skinny on the Jinni

  Title: The Skinny on the Jinni Author: Gloria Lesher Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery   In The Skinny on the Jinni, retired professor Blythe Golightly is determined to save sixteen-year-old Najia from the clutches of Najia’s father, Sheikh Rabbaani. With power, status, and wealth, Sheikh Rabbaani has always had things go his way, so when… Read More Editorial Review – The Skinny on the Jinni