Editorial Review – Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making It


Title: Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making It

Author: Anmol Singh

Genre: Personal Development


It is tempting to believe that there is a tried and true formula for success, that it’s as simple as a mathematical equation: a dash of ambition plus a stroke of good luck equals instant achievement. Anmol Singh dispels that notion in his book, Prepping for Success, and he challenges readers to create their own definition of success and to be active participants in building an individual and personalized plan that works for them.

The concepts presented in this book are nothing new, the author admits to that from the outset. However, the way the ideas were communicated, and the overall tone of the book, provided a freshness that is laudable when your subject matter is one that’s been discussed and explored ad infinitum in seminars, workshops, and other books. Anmol Singh also used a broad variety of examples that covered everything from business to popular culture, thus ensuring that every person will find something they can relate to.

The book covered ten key points to success. It emphasized the value of investing in yourself, the idea being that success starts even before you set one foot out the door. It focused on constructing the ‘me’ so that you can build a relationship with others, thus placing the onus and responsibility on the person reading the book. Each chapter ended with a takeaway message and a challenge for the reader to work on.

The challenges were as simple as identifying five things they are most proud of, or as complex as having the reader identify their values, or craft a personal mission-vision statement. Through the use of effective guide questions, he provided an avenue for readers to actively reflect on how they can relate the concepts they’ve just read to their own lives. In this way, Anmol Singh kept readers engaged and stimulated throughout.

This is a book that will appeal to a specific target audience, most likely those who are already keen to make some kind of change in their lives. This is not a book that you can pick up on a whim, as Anmol Singh encourages readers to make the commitment to change. Some parts of the book may feel doctrinal, but there is no denying that each paragraph is imbued with conviction and passion. As the author shares his own experiences of success and even his failures, it will become increasingly evident to readers that this is an author who has walked the walk.

Relevant, practical, and pragmatic, this is a book for everyone. It transcends barriers and is transferable across specialties. This assured and confident piece of work will encourage you to dream with a plan, to combine inspiration with action and, through it all, to always believe in yourself. Whether you are seeking to grow your business or simply trying to create a positive change in your life, this book will help you gain the tools you need to do so, and is therefore a must-have for anyone wishing to take the first step on the path to success.



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