Short Stories of Space – Editorial Review

  Title: Short Stories of Space Author: Piers Horner Genre: Non-fiction / Science / Astronomy   Short Stories of Space dives into seven transformative space events. The journey through space, history, and technology introduces readers to discoveries that vary from lighthearted histories, to industry-changing technological innovations. Readers will explore all aspects of space, from familiar… Read More Short Stories of Space – Editorial Review

Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless – Editorial Review

  Title: Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless Author: Isabella Milan Genre: Non-fiction / Memoir / Self-Help   This beautifully systematic book shares the author’s own struggles in life and health as she dealt with her ending marriage right after she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. The author then offers support and… Read More Praying for a Miracle When It’s Hopeless – Editorial Review

Utterly Amazed – Editorial Review

  Title: Utterly Amazed: Following the Call of God in Japan Author: Miriam Davis Genre: Memoir / Religion   Utterly Amazed is the memoir of an English teacher and missionary’s life experience working in Japan. As a young woman questioning her faith and future, Miriam Davis experienced what she interpreted as a personal and professional calling, and she… Read More Utterly Amazed – Editorial Review

More Curious Questions – Editorial Review

  Title: More Curious Questions Author: Martin Fone Genre: Non-fiction   More Curious Questions addresses a plethora of curiosities ranging from the mundane to the complex. A sequel to Fifty Curious Questions and a product of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, the questions in this book are reflective of the often random and curious places… Read More More Curious Questions – Editorial Review

Becoming Nobody – Editorial Review

  Title: Becoming Nobody: A Personal Account of One Man’s Search for Self-Knowledge Author: Rick Branch Genre: Memoir / Philosophy / Psychology   Society encourages people to be somebody, that their identity is attached to accomplishments like graduating college and being financially wealthy. To know oneself and identify through likes, dislikes, and characteristics (that are… Read More Becoming Nobody – Editorial Review

Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome – Editorial Review

  Author: Assegid Habtewold Title: Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome: 11 Antidotes to Thrive Beyond First-Time Leadership Pitfalls Genre: Leadership / Management / Self-Help   This neatly organized book offers readers a guide on how to handle their first leadership position while encouraging those who still might have “1st Timer Syndrome” along a path to eliminating… Read More Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome – Editorial Review