Editorial Review – The Art of Hunting Humans

  Title: The Art of Hunting Humans Author: Sidney Mazzi Genre: Self-Help/Psychology   The human mind has fascinated countless experts in various fields, from biology to psychology and everything in-between, since time immemorial. The Art of Hunting Humans continues in the same vein in its attempt to help readers understand why people behave the way… Read More Editorial Review – The Art of Hunting Humans

Editorial Review – Revolutionize Your Health

  Title: Revolutionize Your Health: How to Take Back Your Body’s Power to Heal Authors: Cornelia Merk and Janet G. Nestor Genre: Non-fiction   Revolutionize Your Health provides an in-depth guide for taking control over our own physical and mental well-being. Synthesizing ancient wisdom, global practices, and modern science, the authors discuss the basic principles… Read More Editorial Review – Revolutionize Your Health

Editorial Review – Empathy Deficit Disorder

  Title: Empathy Deficit Disorder: Healing from Our Mix-Ups about Work, Home, and Sex Authors: Jacqueline Acho and Eva Basilion Genre: Non-fiction   Empathy Deficit Disorder is the result of research that examines long-held assumptions about work, home, and gender roles in American culture. Through their analysis of those assumptions, the authors have come to… Read More Editorial Review – Empathy Deficit Disorder