Ollie Ollie in Come Free – Editorial Review

  Title: Ollie Ollie In Come Free Author: Anne Bernard Becker Genre: Memoir   Ollie Ollie In Come Free is the product of an author’s lifelong struggle to deal with and process the traumatic events of her childhood, and to analyze the repercussions that it inevitably had on her as an adult. This memoir is a moving, emotional, and intimately personal tale of a family who had experienced more than its fair… Read More Ollie Ollie in Come Free – Editorial Review

Uber Diva – Editorial Review

  Title: Uber Diva Author: Charles St. Anthony Genre: Humor   Part-memoir, part-guide, Uber Diva is an entertaining look at what it takes to be an Uber driver. Told from the perspective of the self-proclaimed Uber Diva, who is sidelined from the ridesharing business after a drunk driver totals her car and sends her to the hospital, it is helpful… Read More Uber Diva – Editorial Review