Editorial Review – The 28-Day Relationship Rehab Workbook


Title: The 28-Day Relationship Rehab Workbook: 28 Daily Exercises to Strengthen Your Relationship

Author: Mary C. Delaney

Genre: Non-fiction / Self-Help / Psychology


In The 28-Day Relationship Rehab Workbook, Delaney attempts to create an accessible resource that people can use to improve their romantic and interpersonal relationships regardless of the nature of those relationships, the state of their finances, or their existing time commitments.

The premise behind the book is that while there are many financial, logistical, and emotional reasons one might not want to or be able to attend counseling, or to read through a long book on relationships, anyone is capable of completing a worksheet that takes ten to fifteen minutes a day.

The structure of the book is simple. Each chapter consists of a single worksheet labeled “Day One” (up through Day Twenty-Eight). It has an explanation or anecdote to help the reader understand the concept being presented, followed by a list of questions to answer or tasks to perform throughout the course of the day.

The intention is that you and your partner will set aside time each day, for one month, to complete these exercises. You’ll need ten to fifteen minutes alone to read the day’s directive and follow the instructions and a separate chunk of time later to come together and discuss the results.

The assignments Delaney gives the reader are mixed in nature. Some are focused on noticing things about yourself, how you relate to the relationship, and what you want out of it. Others are focused more on your partner, noticing how you see them, how you relate to them, and how you could change those things.

The best thing about reading this is Delaney’s use of metaphors. She is skilled with the language of emotion and her meaning is clear in every chapter. Readers will relate to her explanations and anecdotes, which should make completing the worksheets relatively easy.

The downside: there is no way to customize this program to any single individual, reader, or client, and, as in most things that deal with psychology, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A chapter here that speaks to one person and solves a problem in their marriage could actually offend another and start a fight in their relationship.

Aside from the nature of content itself, the book appears to have more content than it actually possesses. Half the book is made up of the twenty-eight days of worksheets at the core of this volume. The other half consists of coloring pages (to promote relaxation), note taking pages, and blank pages.

This is the right book for readers looking to work with a partner to improve their relationship from home in a cost-effective, time-effective way. Readers will be pleasantly surprised at how simple the language is to understand and how easy the directives are to follow each day. Delaney has succeeded in outlining a program that has the potential to help a great number of people improve different kinds of interpersonal relationships.



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