Blood Sapphire’s Revenge – Editorial Review


Title: Blood Sapphire’s Revenge

Author: Dr. Bruce Farmer

Genre: Military Psycho-Spiritual Thriller


Blood Sapphire’s Revenge by Dr. Bruce Farmer follows the journeys of three main characters: Haddy, Wolf, and a mysterious villain named X. Haddy is an expert sniper for the Israeli military who suddenly finds her life threatened after she takes down the head of a terrorist organization. While she is on the run for her life and also on a warpath for revenge in New York, a detective named Wolf is haunted by the vision of a woman he crossed paths with years ago, and his role in Haddy and X’s stories intertwines.

Blood Sapphire’s Revenge is a riveting thriller that will keep the reader’s interest from page one. We open with Haddy, where she and her best friend and fellow sniper are poised to take down one of the Middle East’s lead terrorists, and immediately, we learn that Haddy wears a tough shell to hide a scared and scarred self inside. The author mixes action to great effect with deep, complex, and troubled characters, all who are shades of gray. Even our protagonist, Haddy, is a killer and sometimes must do so without remorse. That Dr. Farmer spins a tale that makes us question ethics and morals when situations of life or death are on the line is a testimony to his brilliant storytelling.

While Haddy is an assassin, we at least know she is on the side of good. On the flip side, the notorious Eastern European villain, simply named X, is bone-chillingly scary. He is a billionaire who has his hands in all sorts of black-market enterprises and has connections to mobs across the globe. Basically, if he wants something done, he has the means to see it carried out, and that includes eliminating Haddy. X is smooth, cold, and calculating, but far more disturbing is the fact that he decorates his mansion with the skulls of his former enemies and has lampshades made from their skin. Farmer has crafted a formidable villain and has utilized rich descriptions of his characteristics to bring this frightful man to life.

That Farmer is impressive at writing horror and also employing the right pace and elements of a thriller shows that he is a versatile storyteller. With Wolf, we are introduced to a man who has carried a torch for a woman he only saw in passing. While he is a hardboiled detective on the outside, when he brings his girlfriend to his apartment for the first time and she discovers he is a skilled artist who has created dozens of pictures of a mysterious beautiful woman, she and we discover his softer side. The romance the author introduces with Wolf’s character is unrequited and heartbreaking. It is depressingly beautiful, perhaps too much so, at times.

The author evokes emotion from the reader on multiple levels because of the depth of the characters, but he balances this with a fast-moving plot that does not disappoint. There are several characters on the cast list, so the reader may become confused outside of the main players.

Blood Sapphire’s Revenge is a gripping, plot-and-character-driven thriller. Dr. Bruce Farmer is a masterful storyteller who can bring the reader into the action and into feeling deeply for the characters. His psycho-thriller will entertain lovers of fast-paced novels who also enjoy interesting and flawed characters.



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