Editorial Review – 90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase


Title: 90 Days to Your First Real Estate Investment Purchase

Author: Robert Gill Jr.

Genre: Business/Real Estate/Property Investing


They say love makes the world go ‘round, but anyone living in this day and age knows that isn’t strictly true. In this world we live in, it’s hard to go far without money in the bank, and according to Robert Gill Jr. the best way to grow your money is to make your money work for you through sound investments. This book primarily focuses on the advantages of playing the real estate market, boldly claiming that, by following the steps outlined in this book, a first-time buyer can make his or her first investment in 90 days.

The structure of this book was intuitive and easy to follow. The tone was conversational and engaging, which is needed when one is tackling dry subjects such as financing, loans, and mortgage payments. Starting each chapter off with an anecdote, both from his own experience and from that of prominent finance moguls like John Jacob Astor, was a good way of capturing the reader’s attention and putting them in the right frame of mind for the subsequent discourse on income and inflation rates.

There were helpful pictures, graphs, and flowcharts to underscore the points being made in each chapter. This also had the added purpose of breaking up the discussions which, more often than not, were laid out in lengthy paragraphs. Some readers might still find it hard to get through the book despite that; but then again, the author makes it clear from the start that this is not the kind of book you pick up for light beach reading. It will appeal to a specific group of readers who are interested in learning about real estate investments, who are also willing to put in the work.

This book was informative and well-researched. Business terms were explained in a way that was easy to understand. There were no shortcuts; each subject was explored thoroughly so that any reader would have all the information he or she needs at hand when the decision to invest is finally made. The format of the chapters was laid out lecture-style, with the author doing a lot of the “telling” and “showing.” Perhaps some case studies or scenarios at the end of each chapter would have engaged the readers more and ensured their involvement in the learning process.

The book tends to gloss over some of the very real obstacles that affect the capability of today’s generation to invest in real estate. It assumed that the main barriers are the lack of knowledge and the fear of taking risks. It could have recognized the impact of recession, or the fact that the youth of today often finish college with massive student loans and fewer job opportunities. Nevertheless, there was a certain comfort to be had from the relentlessly positive and optimistic belief that anyone can reach financial security if they follow the simple rules of saving and investing explained in this book.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone with more experience, this book provides a roadmap that will enable you to reach your financial goals. The author exudes authority and conviction, making it clear that Robert Gill Jr. has lived the principles he’s teaching. This thorough and almost unwittingly inspirational book is packed with sound advice and promises to be a helpful companion for anyone brave enough to face the wild and shifting world of real estate, capitals, and investments.



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