Editorial Review – Deserving Good

  Title: Deserving Good: Getting to Know Your Real Self and Live a More Fulfilling Life Author: Leora Zairi Genre: Self-Help   This short self-help work by Leora Zairi provides gentle guidance towards self-awareness and transforming one’s life for the good. Focused primarily on knowing one’s self—one’s desires, needs, and emotional wants and making choices based on loving… Read More Editorial Review – Deserving Good

Editorial Review – The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI

  Title: The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI Author: Marin Ivezic and Luka Ivezic Genre: Non-Fiction   The 21st century has seen mankind becoming increasingly reliant on technology that our forebears and ancestors would have found simply mind-boggling. Humans can now access information and communicate from around the world with the click… Read More Editorial Review – The Future of Leadership in the Age of AI

Editorial Review – Business Coaching Breakthrough

  Title: Business Coaching Breakthrough Author: Elena Nugent Genre: Non-fiction   Business Coaching Breakthrough is a beginner’s guide to starting and maximizing a business as a business coach. The book takes aspiring business coaches step by step through the do’s and don’ts of creating a business coaching program that will work for coaches and all… Read More Editorial Review – Business Coaching Breakthrough