Editorial Review – The One Singularity

  Author: RD Palmer Title: The One Singularity Genre: Science Fiction   The first in a trilogy that explores the socio-political consequences of technological advances in facial recognition, the internet of things, and allowing so much data to be collected via online applications, The One Singularity examines what it means to be human and what… Read More Editorial Review – The One Singularity

Blog Tour – Unlawful Presence

  Author: William A Lasher Book title: Unlawful Presence Genre: Science Fiction Publish date: Original: 10/01/2019 Revised Edition: 05/26/2020   Blurb: A near future full length science fiction novel with a healthy dose of dark humor. Meet Nancy Johnson, the futuristic federal cop who deactivates illicit androids with her high voltage Annihilator weapon. Before Nancy had her brain… Read More Blog Tour – Unlawful Presence

Editorial Review – Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength

  Author: Kelly A. Nix Title: Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength Genre: Science Fiction / Action & Adventure   The first installment in what promises to be a complex and intriguing series, Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength introduces readers to the world of the Kaji, a species that is defined by honor and courage through a rich,… Read More Editorial Review – Kaji Warriors: Shifting Strength

Editorial Review – Unlawful Presence

  Title: Unlawful Presence Author: William A. Lasher Genre: Science fiction / Cyberpunk / Action & Adventure   When a futuristic federal law enforcement officer named Nancy goes into high gear with her high voltage annihilator to deactivate rogue androids, the escapades are just beginning in author William A. Lasher’s novel, Unlawful Presence. Lasher provides… Read More Editorial Review – Unlawful Presence