The Megarothke – Book Review

  Title: The Megarothke Author: Robert Ashcroft Genre: Horror, science fiction The Megarothke, the debut novel from author Robert Ashcroft, is billed as “Blade Runner meets Westworld via Resident Evil.”  Rarely do I buy into publisher hyperbole concerning new books, but in this case I don’t think it goes nearly far enough.  While the elevator pitch… Read More The Megarothke – Book Review

Prophecy of Thol – Book Review

  Goodreads: Prophecy of Thol Author: Dawn Greenfield Ireland Published: 6th September 2017 (Artistic Origins Inc) Source: Copy from Author Rating: 5/5 (It was amazing) Official Summary: “Recurring nightmares haunted D’laine Jackson when she woke from an eight-month coma following a tragic accident. Four images were branded in her head: a dark-haired, handsome princely young man, a fierce reptilian monster, a… Read More Prophecy of Thol – Book Review

Editorial Review – Home: Interstellar

  Title: Home: Interstellar Author: Ray Strong Genre: Science Fiction / Mystery Home: Interstellar throws us into the fathomless territory known as outer space, in the 22nd century, and into the life of Meriel Hope, a woman who has suffered the worst kind of tragedy imaginable. Ten years after the massacre aboard the Princess, and after the loss… Read More Editorial Review – Home: Interstellar