Willow’s Way – Editorial Review

  Title: Willow’s Way Author: Sharon Struth Genre: Women’s Fiction / Romance   Willow Armstrong was a successful business woman in the world of weight loss and fitness until it was all suddenly upended following a devastating divorce. In the wake of losing everything she’s built, she learns that she’s willed a home in England from grandparents she’s… Read More Willow’s Way – Editorial Review

Editorial Review – Walking Through Fire

  Title: Walking Through Fire Author: C. J. Bahr Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Paranormal   The first in a paranormal romance series, Walking Through Fire sets a tone for adventure, mishap, and spicy romance. This book covers Laurel Saville’s story as she visits northern Scotland on the heels of a messy breakup. Her best friend, Beth, has a… Read More Editorial Review – Walking Through Fire

Editorial Review – Unveiled Secrets

  Title: Unveiled Secrets Author: Carmen Oprea Genre: Contemporary Romance   Unveiled Secrets is a story of how Leila Isidro, a thirty-something who struggles with her foster mother’s recent death, grows into a woman who knows where she came from and where she’s going. As such, it’s more of a women’s fiction story than pure romance, though there certainly… Read More Editorial Review – Unveiled Secrets

Editorial Review – Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night

  Title: Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night Author: Mina Raye Genre: Paranormal Romance   In Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night, two worlds collide. Sacha is the heiress of a mob empire. Fin is a wizard from a different planet. When the two meet, they discover they’re total opposites, but can’t get… Read More Editorial Review – Sacha Shepperd Ninnette and the Dark Night