Unveiled Secrets – Editorial Review

  Title: Unveiled Secrets Author: Carmen Oprea Genre: Contemporary Romance   Unveiled Secrets is a story of how Leila Isidro, a thirty-something who struggles with her foster mother’s recent death, grows into a woman who knows where she came from and where she’s going. As such, it’s more of a women’s fiction story than pure romance, though there certainly… Read More Unveiled Secrets – Editorial Review

The Road to Delano – Editorial Review

  Title: The Road to Delano Author: John DeSimone Genre: Historical Fiction   The Road to Delano follows high school senior and baseball star Jack Duncan as his life is suddenly turned upside down when he receives information that his father, once a prominent grape grower in central California, was murdered. This isn’t the story… Read More The Road to Delano – Editorial Review

The Lightning Horse – Editorial Review

  Title: The Lightning Horse Author: N.L. Holmes Genre: Historical Fiction / Coming of Age   The Lightning Horse centers Tiwatipara, a charioteer with a difficult past. Tiwatipara constructs and drives chariots for nobility. When his father and grandfather are in a freak chariot accident, ultimately killing his father, Tiwatipara swears that he failed in… Read More The Lightning Horse – Editorial Review