Breaking Into the Light – Editorial Review

  Title: Breaking Into the Light Author: Cynthia A. Morgan Genre: YA Fantasy   The third book in the Dark Fey series brings the band of characters to their darkest battles. The Fey of the Light have managed to save some abducted younglings who were taken to become Dark Fey, but when Legionnaires follow them back across, complications… Read More Breaking Into the Light – Editorial Review

Sieging Manganela – Editorial Review

  Title: Sieging Manganela Author: Charon Dunn Genre: YA / Science Fiction   Sieging Manganela is a prequel in terms of chronology, but it can easily be read by itself. Featuring a few of the main characters from One Sunny Night and Retrograde Horizon, it primarily centers on the unlikely friendship between Turo, a soldier in the Vanram army, and Zeffany,… Read More Sieging Manganela – Editorial Review

One Sunny Night – Editorial Review

  Title: One Sunny Night Author: Charon Dunn Genre: YA Science Fiction   This coming-of-age story tells how Leroy “Sonny” Knight grows and adapts following a terrorist attack during a clashball game. The story is set in a futuristic version of the world: Earth has suffered from meteors and the Americas have been split into new islands and… Read More One Sunny Night – Editorial Review