Exodus ’95 – Book Review


Exodus ’95 by Kfir Luzzatto

Claire Williams is willing to take on a dangerous mission just to get out of the rut that her life is in; Dan Ze’evi is desperate to save his failing company. Brought together by equal amounts of chance and design, they set out to recover the mystical staff of Moses, the secret of which was divulged to Claire by her dying neighbour, Jack Jones, an ex-KGB agent. Soon, Dan and Claire are caught up in a perilous game with the various vested parties, which takes them all over the world and forces them to use every resource available to them just to make it out with their lives.

Folks, this book is a one-sitting read. The quick pace and rapid change of events will keep you on your mental toes.

Dan and Claire are easily likable characters. Dan has a certain amount of dry wit going for him while Claire is so unapologetically determined that you’ll be rooting for her before she even has a name. I think that’s what I enjoyed the most in this book- the characters. None of them were caricatures. They had personalities, motivations and unique voices. The only time I couldn’t hear them in my head was when the going got romantic. The dialogue there felt a little too corny for my comfort.

The story was amazing. It had all the twists and turns of an once-in-a-lifetime adventure story. It had none of the melodrama that sometimes gets unnecessarily tacked on to this genre and best of all, the underlying tone throughout the book was one of pragmatism. No misplaced declarations of anger, revenge or love. No stupid decision-making that makes me want to bang my head against the wall. The characters all knew what they wanted and would do anything to get it and this put paid to any annoying sentimentalities.

BOTTOMLINE: It’s an easy book to read, with fluid descriptions, simple dialogue, heroes to root for and a truly crazy villain. Its short length of 250 pages ensures a quick pace and rapid changes of scene that will keep you entertained through that long plane journey or short train ride. The only other thing you need to know to be sure that this is the perfect travel companion is that the ending will blow your socks off. So, my recommendation: take it along.




This guest review was contributed by Overrated SensibilitiesThis blogger is on a mission to read some of most timeless books of our generation, be it ones written years ago or just recently. Also included are groups of short stories and poetry. 

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