Fire in the Rectory – Editorial Review

  Title: Fire in the Rectory and two more John Nolan detective novellas Author: Stan Freeman Genre: Historical fiction / Historical detective / Mystery   This collection of three short detective stories offers a chronological continuation of John Nolan’s career as a private investigator in New York City from 1915–1918. A recent immigrant from Ireland,… Read More Fire in the Rectory – Editorial Review

Interpol and the Circus Robberies – Editorial Review

  Title: Interpol and the Circus Robberies Author: Aaron T. Knight Genre: Mystery / Detective   A series of robberies have sprung up across the globe that are categorized by several distinct commonalities. Huge mirrors are set up to re-direct and deceive. Smoke bombs are set off outside buildings to conceal the getaway. Fireworks create… Read More Interpol and the Circus Robberies – Editorial Review

Editorial Review – In a Black Monk Funk

  Title: In a Black Monk Funk Author: Gloria Lesher Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery / Supernatural Suspense   In In a Black Monk Funk, Blythe Golightly conducts another investigation surrounding the paranormal. This time, an ancient scroll and an elusive, even-more-ancient, monk are at the center of her newest case. With familiar faces and unforeseen… Read More Editorial Review – In a Black Monk Funk

Editorial Review – Seaplane to Sounion

  Author: Devin Todd Title: Seaplane to Sounion Genre: Cozy Mystery   A quick, easy-to-read story with an intriguing plot and hints of romance, Seaplane to Sounion welcomes readers to Ellie Pincrest’s life in 1986, when her long-time boyfriend has just unceremoniously broken up with her, leaving her eager to visit the quiet town where… Read More Editorial Review – Seaplane to Sounion

Editorial Review – With Eyes Wide Open

  Title: With Eyes Wide Open Author: Kelly J. McMullin Genre: Mystery   With Eyes Wide Open by Kelly J. McMullin is an exciting and thrilling mystery. The story focuses on the main character, Sam Brodie. She is the Police Chief of Cherokee Falls. During a ground-breaking ceremony, she plunks her shovel into a buried skull. This launches into an investigation into the death.