Just Good Clean Fun – Editorial Review

  Title: Just Good Clean Fun Author: Michael J. Hawron Genre: Historical Fiction / Spy Thriller / International Intrigue   Just Good Clean Fun, by Michael J. Hawron, is a spy thriller set in the 1970s and 1980s. Like many spy thriller novels, Just Good Clean Fun follows a seemingly average (albeit handsome and charming man), who secretly has some… Read More Just Good Clean Fun – Editorial Review

Freetown: The Life and Death of Cassidy Parrish – Editorial Review

  Title: Freetown: The Life and Death of Cassidy Parrish Author: J. T. Riggen Genre: Thriller / Short Story   This short story introduces readers to the world of Freetown, a corrupt mega-city run by a group of tribal leaders and Italian Mafia. In Freetown, wolves rule and the sheep are left to suffer, unless they disguise themselves… Read More Freetown: The Life and Death of Cassidy Parrish – Editorial Review

Somebody’s Watching You – Editorial Review

  Title: Somebody’s Watching You Author: Robin D’Amato Genre: Psychological Thriller   How far are you willing to go to hold onto someone you love? This is the dilemma Melody Hollenback finds herself facing when her husband, Jeff, becomes embroiled in a cult with questionable motives. Fearing the changes in her husband and wanting to… Read More Somebody’s Watching You – Editorial Review

Editorial Review – The Seventh Seed

  Title: The Seventh Seed Author: Allison Maruska Genre: Dystopian Thriller   In the near future, government propaganda rules the American airwaves while mega-corporations manipulate government officials. Javier, a young, brilliant researcher, notices a critical agricultural problem in the heartland that hints at a conspiracy looming in plain sight. However, the powers-that-be have no intent on letting… Read More Editorial Review – The Seventh Seed