Blood Sapphire’s Revenge – Editorial Review

  Title: Blood Sapphire’s Revenge Author: Dr. Bruce Farmer Genre: Military Psycho-Spiritual Thriller   Blood Sapphire’s Revenge by Dr. Bruce Farmer follows the journeys of three main characters: Haddy, Wolf, and a mysterious villain named X. Haddy is an expert sniper for the Israeli military who suddenly finds her life threatened after she takes down… Read More Blood Sapphire’s Revenge – Editorial Review

The Children of Blood – Editorial Review

  Title: The Children of Blood (The Tears of Blood Trilogy – Book 2)                       Author: Peter A. Hubbard                      Genre: Thriller             As the world reels from the calamitous actions of the terrorists, Colonel PJ Anthony and his team, consisting of special forces and investigative services from around the globe, finally have the mastermind… Read More The Children of Blood – Editorial Review

The Tears of Blood – Editorial Review

  Title:  The Tears of Blood (Book 1)        Author: Peter A. Hubbard           Genre: Thriller   The first attack decimates Vatican City and is followed by further atrocities causing lasting, catastrophic damage to the world’s economic, political, and religious foundations. Can Colonel PJ Anthony, the maverick lead investigator of Interpol, find the culprits before the planet… Read More The Tears of Blood – Editorial Review

Season of Waiting – Editorial Review

  Title: Season of Waiting Author: Jim Christopher Genre: Thriller / Suspense   Caleb Allard, an accountant living in Truth and Consequences, New Mexico, has stage-four pancreatic cancer. At this point, there is nothing the doctors can do for him, so he arranges his medically-assisted suicide, the Final Release, in an effort to spare his… Read More Season of Waiting – Editorial Review