Editorial Review – Seaplane to Sounion

  Title: Seaplane to Sounion Author: Devin Todd Genre: Cozy Mystery   A quick, easy-to-read story with an intriguing plot and hints of romance, Seaplane to Sounion welcomes readers to Ellie Pincrest’s life in 1986, when her long-time boyfriend has just unceremoniously broken up with her, leaving her eager to visit the quiet town where… Read More Editorial Review – Seaplane to Sounion

In a Black Monk Funk – Editorial Review

  Title: In a Black Monk Funk Author: Gloria Lesher Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery / Supernatural Suspense   In In a Black Monk Funk, Blythe Golightly conducts another investigation surrounding the paranormal. This time, an ancient scroll and an elusive, even-more-ancient, monk are at the center of her newest case. With familiar faces and unforeseen… Read More In a Black Monk Funk – Editorial Review

Deadly Repercussions – Editorial Review

  Title: Deadly Repercussions Author: Karen Black Genre: Crime / Murder Mystery   A gruesome double murder sets the scene for Deadly Repercussions, a new crime novel by Karen Black, and triggers a series of events that takes protagonist Elaina on a perilous journey where she will unearth long-buried family secrets, race against time to… Read More Deadly Repercussions – Editorial Review