Crossing in Time – Book Review


Crossing in Time by D. L. Orton

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction

Remember how incredible it feels to fall in love?

This genre-defying love story will have you racing against the clock through a dystopian nightmare, climbing naked into a quirky time machine, and waking up on a tropical beach, twenty years younger, with your heart in your throat.

Fall into this action-packed, darkly comedic, edgy love story, and be prepared for some swearing, some violence, and some sex (but NO vampires and absolutely no ditzes!)

Fall in love!

I came across this title on

Book Club Reading List while hoping to find a fun modern sci-fi/fantasy – and it delivered (though I had no idea how steamy it would be!). I was offered copies of the e-book and audio-book versions by the author in exchange for an unbiased review and I have to say, I especially liked the audio-book version. This was one of the few audio-books I’ve listened to where the main characters are voiced by 2 different voice actors, and I found it nice to take my time with what would typically have been a quick read for me and hear it read aloud at a leisurely pace. I’m not saying I’m a convert and will now listen to the audio version of all romance novels, but it worked for this one, and I was glad for the change of pace.

A very cool foray into science/science fiction:

It’s The Andromeda Strain meets Back to the Future with a healthy dose of Dirty Dancing to liven things up along the way. Meet Diego and Isabel – ex-lovers, new lovers, scientists, heroes. When the world suddenly seems to fall apart could it really be up to them to play a part in saving it? And is a half broken time machine the way to go about it?

Whenever time travel gets brought into the equation I start wishing I understood more about quantum mechanics. But ultimately, not being a scientist myself, I was able to just enjoy the ride and travel with Diego and Isabel as they risk everything to try and save first the world, then each other.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars!

For being fun, fast paced, and filled with supremely human characters – just likable enough that I was always anticipating if they’d be ok or not, and just annoying enough that I knew they were realistic. : -)

Orton creates a world you may not want to be living in yourself, but you want her characters to survive, and most of all to find each other, so love survives in this world.




This guest review was contributed by Dots Words and Whispers. This blog focuses on YA lit but has a strong commitment to review books from a variety of genres because part of their mission statement is that they believe reading broadens a person’s perspective on the world.

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