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Book Review – Kiss of the Fey


Kiss of The Fey by Charlotte Cyprus

Kate’s rating: 3 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I was given a reviewer’s copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Kiss of the Fey by Charlotte Cyprus is a fantasy romance novel that follows the relationship of King Xenos and Johara, an illegitimate princess of Blairford. It contains all the key elements of fantasy and romance: magic (in the form of fairies and warlocks), curses, sword fights, and steamy intimacy.

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Editorial Review – A Prophecy Fulfilled


Title: A Prophecy Fulfilled

Author name: Andi O’Connor

Genre: Fantasy

This novel rounds out The Vaelinel Trilogy, where readers follow the fate of Irewen, Silevethiel, and their friends as they try to destroy the Corrupter. Set in a medieval world rich in magic, the story pays homage to fantasy classics like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings while creating a new, thoughtful world of its own.

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Editorial Review – Destiny of the Wulf


Title: Destiny of the Wulf, The Aduramis Chronicles #1

Author: Harrison Davies

Genre: High Fantasy


Orphaned as children by a marauding horde of orcs, Coinin and his brother Marrok have been raised by their mysterious uncle who trains them in the ways of swordsmanship, combat, and survival. They know little of their family history until they are thrust headlong into a treacherous journey to an island where a mysterious organization, the Brotherhood of the Wulf, welcomes them as long-expected chosen ones. Soon they take up arms to protect their new friends and are thrust into a clash between the god of death and the mortal protectors of life that will set them on the path to greatness.

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The Reader – Book Review


Publication Date: September 13, 2016

Author: Traci Chee


Sefia knows what it means to survive. After her father is brutally murdered, she flees into the wilderness with her aunt Nin, who teaches her to hunt, track, and steal. But when Nin is kidnapped, leaving Sefia completely alone, none of her survival skills can help her discover where Nin’s been taken, or if she’s even alive.

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Editorial Review – Black Moon: The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield


Title: Black Moon: The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield

Author: Tegon Maus

Genre: Action / Adventure


In Black Moon: The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield, Tucker is once again thrusted into the world of the Kindred, a society of nine tribes, all with unique physical, cultural, and regional attributes. When the Kindred’s sacred ceremony ends in murder, Tucker attempts to regain some order in the chaos that has broken out. But he realizes too late that this action will bind him, at least temporarily, to the Kindred in a way no one expects. With no clue how to fix what he’s started, he sets out on a journey to right the wrongs the Black Moon has brought.

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Editorial Review – Vykup: A Novel of the Koldun


Title: Vykup: A Novel of the Koldun

Author: Andi Marchal

Genre: Romance / Fantasy


A chance encounter at a Russian Literature course becomes the first step to a world of magic and romance for aspiring writer Kaat Collins. Through her immediate and intense connection with the enigmatic Kolya Orlov, Kaat becomes increasingly involved in the politics, conflict, and divided loyalties of the village of Vykup, a village that is mysterious and familiar at the same time, where no one and nothing is as it seems.

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Child of the Kindred – Book Review


Child of the Kindred: The Rinefield Chronicles: Book 2 – A Romantic Heroic Fantasy Series By M.T. Magee



The award winning romantic heroic fantasy saga continues. Enter the mystical realm of Rinefield, where love, danger, adventure and romance awaits you. Their world is changing and a new era has begun. Princess Laurel finds her kingdom of Gwenlais, torn and shattered from a bloody siege.

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Editorial Review – A Price of Blood


Title: A Price of Blood

Authors: Renee Peters and Rae Stilwell

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy


The Anowen coven is a 700 year-old family of vampires who move freely among the ranks of society in Regency England. In A Price of Blood, the taut second installment in the Songs of Blood Saga, Arch Lord Lian of Anowen has broken his promise to a rival coven not to sire any new vampires.

As tensions rise between the two covens, war is threatened and even the strongest bonds of blood and fidelity are tested. Embroiled in the middle of this dangerous game of bloodthirsty aristocracy is Delilah, a mortal girl who once captured the heart of Anowen’s Arch lord. In order to protect her, Lian must risk everything he loves.

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Ellipsis: Creators of Six – Book Review



“Remember that actions have consequences, boy.”

Weaver Rizer was born in the capital city of Ellipsis. Due to his father’s unexpected death years ago, Weaver and his mother are left to run a brothel in his place. With no warning, Weaver’s Mother dies just as his father had. However, on her deathbed, she gifts Weaver a secret his family has hid going back generations, a creator’s stone. The only downside—it is now embedded into his skin and draining his life force as well.

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Editorial Review – The Scribbled Victims


Title: The Scribbled Victims

Author: Robert Tomoguchi

Genre: Vampire/ Literary Fiction/ Paranormal


Yelena Solodnikova is a vampire. Jaded by her true love abandoning her years ago, Yelena refuses to grow too attached to anyone, leaving her unable to succumb to her vampiric instincts without feeling ashamed. But when Yelena meets Orly, a twelve-year-old cancer patient with only weeks to live and a curious talent, she sees an opportunity to finally feed with no remorse.

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