Southern Solstice – Book Review


Southern Solstice by Sarah Sadler

Ya’ll, this book is so much fun. I’ve been reading a lot of depressing novels lately (Hausfrau, My Sunshine Away, All the Light We Cannot See), and it was a breath of fresh (and much needed) air to pick up this witty and lovable book.

“As rich and distinctive as the Lowcounty itself, Southern Solstice presents a clever and charismatic journey of love, heartache, adaptation and emotional fortitude as told through a patina of family heritage. When twenty-four-year-old Larken Devereaux is left brokenhearted by her fiancé on the West Coast, she reluctantly returns to her charmed aristocratic roots in Charleston, South Carolina to rebuild her life and gain self-determination in a prominent southern family that offers everything and requires nothing.”

Sadler’s debut novel is a fast-paced book filled with captivating characters, beautiful writing and a plot that will keep you at the edge of your seat. You can practically feel the warm costal breeze on your cheeks and the moonshine on your lips.

“Charleston was in full blossom now. The first of many annual festivals celebrating blooming flowers were underway, and brightly colored window boxes draped wave petunias and lobelia down house fronts. A blanket of warm, salt water and gardenias perfumed the streets, intensifying with the unpredictable coastal breeze.”

Playful, sassy and endearing, this book encompasses love, family and what it means to be a strong Southern woman. If you are looking for a wonderfully light-hearted read for the end of your summer, look no further than this jewel.




This guest review was contributed by Redhead Uncorked. Not only does this blogger enjoy reading and book reviewing, but making tasty treats. A mix of fiction, cookbook, and recipe reviews will soon follow.

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