He Said/She Said – Book Review


I received He Said/She Said in exchange for an honest review

Erin Kelly is an author who I’ve meant to read for years – I’ve actually had her debut The Poison Tree sat on my shelf for longer than I can remember. I finally got around to trying this author when this new release popped up on Netgalley, and I loved it.

The story starts as Kit, a serial eclipse chaser, is leaving his pregnant wife Laura behind to see the 2015 eclipse abroad. The writer takes us back in time, to the first eclipse the couple watched. At a festival in Cornwall years earlier, the two witnessed their first eclipse together, but they also witnessed a brutal attack on a girl named Beth, which changed the course of their lives forever.

Weaving back and forth in time, with the eclipse as the backdrop, Kelly reveals an intricate story of lies, deception and betrayal. Beautifully atmospheric with well-developed characters, this book is almost more of a psychological drama than a thriller. It’s all about the relationships; the romantic relationship between Kit and Laura, the friendship that forms between Laura and Beth and the dark secrets that eat away at each of the characters.

This is a book where everything really isn’t as it seems, in a big way. Erin Kelly’s characters lives balance on a knife edge, with secrets threatening to tear their relationships apart at any moment. The author completely lured me into a false sense of security, she had me convinced that I understood her characters, who I could trust, and who I couldn’t. In the final part of the novel the rug was swept out from underneath me, and her characters cut so deep that she left me with a genuine sense of betrayal. Highly recommended – this isn’t your typical thriller but it is a brilliant, slow-burning, atmospheric roller-coaster ride of emotions.




This guest review was contributed by The Book Brief. This blogger goes to lengths to produce detailed book reviews that balance the positives and negatives. Commentary may be colored by road trips, wine, and cooking.

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