Feast of Men – Book Review


Feast of Men: Story of a Woman’s Heart by Ayn Dillard – Guest Book Review



A woman’s magical mysterious, nightmarish, adventurous journey through men on her quest to have a better understanding of the male energy on her search to find genuine and everlasting love. Just as life brings her the masculine offering of a chance for love, along with experiencing another aspect of herself in reflection – her heart is disappointed even broken. She then is given the opportunity to heal, as she becomes even more aware of the masculine energy and her relation to it, along with a deeper awareness of her imprints and beliefs. As she travels forward on her journey, the pieces come together, break and then come together again offering her the ability to become more aware and whole.

What if Eve was leading Adam to the opportunity to experience all and every dimension of life? The feminine as it relates to masculine and masculine as it relates to feminine. Male and female rubbing souls against one another for the possibility and benefit of what love creates and heals. And this is exactly what God intended – in the full power of ‘his knowing’ – that only a woman would be able to entice a man to do so. God, after all created the serpent along with the opportunity for choice without which there would be no dark defining light challenges on earth.



The author, Ayn Dillard, has skillfully written a novel that bares the soul, incites the reader with the injustice and cruelty of a narcissistic father, as they join Natalie Duncan on her journey to release her past and find true love.

Natalie’s relationships have a tendency to build up her hopes, only to fall apart as the men who initially pursue her have not dealt with their individual struggles and issues. After three painful divorces, Natalie is ready to find genuine and lasting love. On her way home from visiting a wealthy playboy architect, she is swept off her feet by a handsome airline Captain. The events of the day magically draw them together with the promise of everything she has ever dreamed of. However her moral determination will not allow the relationship to progress until after he has legally left his unhappy marriage. Making this decision, leaves her feeling abandoned. While waiting for the outcome, on a whim she answers an ad and meets another man who appears to be a possible partner, until his personality unfolds and she finds herself questioning. Woven into her heart-felt psychological journey, she endures the cruel jibes of her father. Desiring his approval and affection, she is met with his disappointment and hostility. Added to this, is the betrayal by a prominent local businessman who employs her to write a book with him that turns into his unwanted sexual advances. Natalie proves to be an exceptional woman of strength and character who is dealt repeated cruel blows in her search to discover herself, heal from her family dynamics and achieve her dreams. The book culminates into a cliffhanger making the reader wonder how Natalie will be able to deal with all she has been dealt and which man will win her heart.

The author, Ayn Dillard, has written a moving and emotive novel that examines the human psyche. She described her own inner turmoil in such an intricate and personal way that it draws the reader into her journey to feel he depth of her emotions. The complex relationships are related in intimate detail which helps the reader to understand her need and search. This is a stunning piece of writing that really examines the soul and opens the heart and will leave every reader wondering about their own loves, dreams and desires. It’s not just about love and companionship, but about truth. It’s about the need to be desired and ultimately about understanding who you are and feeling comfortable with what you discover as energy frequencies try to align. The depth of this author’s affection, tenderness and sentiment are reflected perfectly in Natalie. Throughout this story the reader is led to empathize with her and to have the desire that she finds fulfillment and happiness though love.

FEAST OF MEN examines the intricacies of the female heart and mind juxtaposed against that of the male and emphasizes every human’s need for genuine love and understanding. You will not easily forget this novel or this author. This is a novel that truly has the heart and soul of the writer on every page.



Guest review contributed by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotions.

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