The Palm Reader – Book Review


The Palm Reader by Christopher Bowron



Jackson Walker once again faces his demons in this haunting sequel to Devil in the Grass. Now working as an investigative lawyer for Peter Robertson, Jack teams with Janie Callaghan to solve the disappearance of a sleazy client specializing in taboo pornography. Meanwhile the evil head of the Church of Satan weaves an intricate web to lure Walker as the sacrificial lamb in an Everglades Black Mass ritual.



The Palm Reader by Christopher Bowron is the thrilling supernatural sequel to his bestselling book entitled Devil in the Grass. The story begins with the ending of the first story catching the reader up on the premise and plot. I hadn’t read the first book but I was completely able to follow along and understand what was going on. And there is a lot going on.

Jackson Walker is the main character. He is from the Seminole descent and the setting is in the Everglades in Florida. Jackson is now working as an investigative lawyer for one Peter Robinson. He links up with Janie Callaghan to investigate the disappearance of a shady client that is in the underground porn industry, where horrible things happen. In the meantime we have the bloodthirsty head of the Satanic Church. He is working to lure Jackson Walker to be their blood sacrifice.

Wow! The Palm Reader kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat throughout the entire story. There are a few different plots going on that all fit nicely together. It is written with expertise and flows intelligently and creatively, with realistic scenarios.

A lot of research has gone into this story. Research on the Church of Satan as well as the Seminole people and their beliefs.

The Palm Reader is a fast paced read with twists, turns and excitement around every corner. It is delightfully scary and full of frightening events. This book is not for children, but young adults and older. It is full of mystery and intrigue and horrifying ideas and elements. I loved it and could not put it down. I think one of the things that made it so good to me is that the writing is superb. Plus, it is realistic, as many people know that these terrible things do happen in real life.

I love the southern setting in the Everglades, and Christopher Bowron describes it well. The descriptive writing really stands out making the story so interesting and real. A real delight for the imaginary senses. This is the best book in its genre that I have ever read.

The characters are fabulous, well developed and totally fleshed out. Readers will love some and love to hate others.

The Palm Reader is a southern thriller filled with supernatural elements. This is one book that I will be reading again. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it to all thriller and supernatural lovers and those that are interested in the real life scenarios of the Church of Satan and the supernatural.




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