Editorial Review – A Prophecy Fulfilled

  Title: A Prophecy Fulfilled Author name: Andi O’Connor Genre: Fantasy This novel rounds out The Vaelinel Trilogy, where readers follow the fate of Irewen, Silevethiel, and their friends as they try to destroy the Corrupter. Set in a medieval world rich in magic, the story pays homage to fantasy classics like The Chronicles of… Read More Editorial Review – A Prophecy Fulfilled

Editorial Review – You Saw Something You Shouldn’t Have

  Title: You Saw Something You Shouldn’t Have Author: Brandon Faircloth Genre: Horror   You receive a text from an unknown sender early in the morning and it says: You saw something you shouldn’t have. Also the title of the book, this tale of a mysterious creature taunting a man as everything and everyone in… Read More Editorial Review – You Saw Something You Shouldn’t Have

Editorial Review – Stranded in Love

  Book Title: Stranded In Love Author: Victoria Grant Genre: Contemporary romance   Two strangers find themselves stranded and at the mercy of the whims of Mother Nature in this offering by Victoria Grant. The first novel in the Calderone series, it tells the story of Laney Calderone who, by anyone’s standards, is having one heck of a bad… Read More Editorial Review – Stranded in Love