Broken Branches – Book Review


Author name: Brenda Spalding

Name of the book: Broken Branches

Genre of the book: paranormal romance/suspense


Book synopsis: 

Visions of the past help a young artist and gallery owner from New York solve the riddles of a lost family treasurer and lead her to her future. Her grandmothers death in Salem Ma. brings Megan into the middle of a desperate attempt to find and steal the mysterious treasurer lost over 150 years before.


Book review:

A highly intriguing story, Broken Branches is the first book in The Green Lady Inn series. Megan, an art gallery owner in New York, is shocked and deeply saddened by her grandmother’s unexpected death. She rushes to Salem to take care of the details, but she’s not prepared to handle the danger that faces her. Her grandmother, Corey Elizabeth Bishop, had secrets that were about to blow Megan’s mind. In the midst of uncovering the truth, the big city girl discovers love alongside family heirlooms worth far more than simply money. Just who were Megan’s ancestors and who does that make her now?

Author, Brenda M. Spalding, wove together a beautiful tapestry of love, murder, mystery and secret treasure within the pages of Broken Branches.

Though the cover of Broken Branches leaves something to be desired, Brenda Spalding’s story is enthralling. Readers will feel the need to keep turning pages because they’re aren’t any obvious giveaways within Broken Branches. Spalding skillfully keeps readers wondering who is after the family treasure and how it is all connected to Halloween and Salem.

She brings in a fast-paced romance -maybe a little too fast- that is an important piece of the story, but it doesn’t overshadow the mystery of “the green” within Broken Branches. Magic, history, trust, friendship and love abound in Brenda M. Spalding’s Broken Branches without causing readers to leave the lights on at night and without needing to skip past overly sensual scenes.

Broken Branches is a wonderful book to curl up with, enjoy a cup of tea and follow along as Spalding takes her characters and readers on a fascinating journey.




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