A Raisin in the Sun – Book Review


A Raisin in the Sun

By: Lorraine Hansberry

Review of the 1994 Vintage Books Paperback Edition, with Introduction by Robert Nemiroff

First Pub: 1959

Wow. Ok, so I have already read this play- hence the ‘re-read’ element of this review. Not every re-read warrants a brand new review, as often your opinion of a book will remain the same over time. However, when something happens, like your re-read book turns out to be SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVER REMEMBERED, well, this warrants a Re-Read Rapid Review.

Why did I have such a shocking change of heart- changing my review of ‘Raisin’ to the coveted 5-star section of my Goodreads account immediately upon finishing? Perhaps, I am now old enough to appreciate this play more than I did whilst reading it at school. OR, perhaps it is because this time, I *chose* to (re)read this title, instead of *having to read it* for a class. Or, perhaps I understand that era of American history better now than I did then, when my history classes were about Canadian history. No matter which factor influenced this fantastic re-read, I don’t care. I am just happy it happened.

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