One Little Wish – Book Review

One Little Wish


Genre: Romance, Suspense
Publisher: LaManna Books
Date of Release: January 28, 2016
Pages: 225 pages
Format: ePub

My Rating: 3.50 Stars

“Dear Diary,
I know three things:

1. I didn’t kill anyone.
2. Mack Montgomery is a troublemaker.
3. I am running out of time.

You’ve got to believe me, Diary. I didn’t have anything to do with those murders, I promise you. For crying out loud, I’m the only person in this tiny Texas town who doesn’t own a gun! But I can’t help feeling like someone is out to get me. The only question is who…and why.

While we’re at it, let’s get one other thing straight. None of this would have happened if it weren’t for the shadow called Mack Montgomery. That man may be hot-as-sin and the talk of the high school reunion, but let me tell you one thing. He is up to something, Diary. He is so full of questions, yet somehow, I can’t seem to find one single answer. One second he’s breaking into my house and accusing me of murder, and the next, he’s turned those soft baby blues on me, making my stomach do all sorts of somersaults.

I’m running low on time, Diary. If I can’t find the murderer, and if Mack Montgomery doesn’t go back to where he belongs… I’m afraid that my one little wish may never come true.



I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I am new to Gina LaManna books but overall, this was a good book. I wouldn’t say this is so much a romance as it was a mystery/suspense novel with bits of romance in it. A little more would have been nice, personally.

I did find I had some issues with the book though. For me, the biggest issue was the “Dear Diary” moments. I felt they were unnecessary and broke the flow of the book. It made it choppy for me. I was already hearing Scarlett’s side of the story, but throwing that in was a bit much.

I also had some questions that were left unanswered. Like, what was this huge grey cloud that hung over Scarlett’s head that made everyone in Luck hate her? Aside from the obvious rumor mill, what did Scarlett or her family do to garner the disdain of an entire town?

Scarlett had a lot of potential to be a strong character but when I think of strength, Noelle jumps out at me more. Scarlett was cowed by the rumor’s and instead of rising above them, she just struggled constantly. Sometimes Scarlett was strong though.

I enjoyed her relationship with Gray though. She was a good nanny, I’ll give her that. But Gray’s mother was seriously inside out and backwards. How does the rumor’s of the town affect how Scarlett cares for your child? Like really?!

Mack was awesome at being elusive and avoiding any questions pertaining to his past and present.

Either way, this book had great potential.
It was the end, however, that got me. Hot damn! I need friends like that! Haha.

I just hope that next book, Scarlett’s wish comes true.

You can find One Little Wish here.






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