Truth or Date – Book Review

Truth or Date


Truth or Date

By author – Portia MacIntosh

My Review:

Truth or Date is the first book by Portia that I’ve ever read and it’s definitely not going to be the last.  I’m in love with 90% of all CarinaUK’s book and authors and this was definitely no exception.  I read the book in 2 days and it was so addicting!

Ruby is our main character and her flatmate Nick is the unassuming hero of the story.  Millsy and Woody are Ruby’s best friend and brother and they add a lot of fun to the story.  Heather and weird Ian brought in mystery and someone to despise as well as twists I didn’t see coming.

The cast of characters was great, I was never once confused by who was who and they all brought very unique and unsuspecting drama to the story that helped it flow.  This book could have gone in so many directions!!

Ruby’s best friend is Joe, aka – Millsy – the boy she grew up next door to.  He’s your typical manwhore of a best friend and while I liked him, I’m not sure I loved him [].  But he did bring humor and nonsense to the story and that was great.  Nick is Ruby’s roomate… he’s a somewhat boring, OCD and is dating Heather.  He’s also the source of many jokes throughout the book because he is a gynecologist.  That makes for all sorts of fun humor.

I gave this book 4.5 coffees.

This book was so much fun.  I really did love it.  I loved reading about Ruby’s plot to get Nick after she decides maybe she doesn’t hate him?  I loved the little details about Shakespeare and Adventure Time, obviously two likes of the authors and I love when I can see bits and pieces of an author’s personality in a book like that.  I think it makes it just way more relatable and realistic.

I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud at this book but it was quite a lot, including at 2am lying in bed next to my husband, who thought I’d full out finally lost my mind.   (It wouldn’t take much)


What I Loved:

-Ruby and her scheming.  I think it made for a great book.
-I loved that there were two men you thought could be potential mates for Ruby, Millsy and Nick and I really wasn’t sure which way it would go but I was glad to see it go the way it did.
-Sometimes books take an unrealistic and crazy approach to ‘how to get the guy’ and I felt like Portia nailed this part of the story.  It’s realistic, believable and for me personally, that makes for an amazing story.


What I didn’t Love:

-While I loved this book, truly – it didn’t leave me with the book hangover that some do; that was really the only downfall.


What I thought of the Cover:

-LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cover.  I can’t say it enough. It’s fitting of the story, fitting of the genre, and fitting of the author’s brand.  It’s definitely a book I’d have in my hand to purchase without even reading the back.


My Conclusion:

Read this book!  You won’t regret it. and you’ll need to buy all the rest of Portia’s book when you’re done.  She’s a great author of chicklit and she writes a hell of a realistic writer, and she’s funny!

You’ll read this book until your kids beg you to put it down and make some dinner… and even then you’ll question if they really need to eat yet.  It’s that good!  I’ll be buying the rest of Portia’s collection and I hope you will as well.



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2 thoughts on “Truth or Date – Book Review

  1. Truth or Date has an alluring premise and I also like the attractive cover. I tried to order it from but got as message that it didn’t match my search and was unavailable.
    Good luck, Portia with your book. :)


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