The Whispered Word – Book Review


-Guest post contributed by Ruth Castleberry-

Title: The Whispered Word

Author: Ellery Adams


Once again, Ellery Adams applies her exceptional writing skills to tell the story of the Secret, Book & Scone Society and the group’s determination to help a lost and abused young woman who stumbles into Miracle Springs, NC.

Working to help the young woman, who finally says her name is Abilene Tyler, the four friends, Nora, Hester, June and Estella, who make up the Society are also preparing Secret Kindness tote bags to distribute.  During their first delivery they find Amanda Frye drowned in the pond in her yard.

When Amanda’s death turns out to be murder, the four now face two challenges:  find out who Abilene is and where she comes from; and who killed Amanda Frye.

What makes this series so special is the way Ms. Adams uses the cozy mystery genre as a foundation upon which she creates richly developed characters and complex relationships.  The mystery is an integral piece of the story, but the story deepens as she delves into her characters’ feelings and experiences.  The mystery is well plotted and engaging.  The real magic is the sensitive portraits Ms. Adams draws so well with her words.  Not only is the book hard to put down, the writing evokes strong emotions.




This guest post was contributed by Ruth Castleberry. Ruth has a background as a freelance writer, marketing/business strategy consultant, competitive intelligence practitioner, and digital marketing consultant. She loves discovering new authors and settling in with a thriller or cozy mystery.

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