A Witching Flavor: Sweetland Witch Series – Book Review

the witching flavor


Title: A Witching Flavor: Sweetland Witch Series
Author: Zoe Arden
Publisher: ReedFoster Press House

On Heavenly Haven Island there are two factions, Mistmoor Point and Sweetland Cove, both are home to witches, vampires, and goblins. There are strange happenings on the island; witches are going missing.

Ava Fortune gets involved when one of those witches her best friend, Lucy Lockwood goes missing at the Snow Queen dance. When missing turns to murder Ava can’t stay on the sidelines.

It’s not the first time Ava’s been involved in an odd situation or murder, but she hopes it will be the last. Doing her best to find her friend before it’s too late, Ava dives into the middle of a sticky situation.

A friend and vampire stands accused of kidnapping and killing Sweetland Coves witches. Ava can’t stand by and allow an innocent to pay the price when the killer may well be another witch hell-bent on revenge.

Zoe Arden has crafted an entertaining story filled with exciting characters. Even though this is the second installment in the series, it stands on its own. The story references the previous book, but this is not overt. The reader may wish to read the original book to get a feel for the second book.

Ava is naïve, a character who is surprised by the magical abilities of the community and her ever changing surroundings. It isn’t until her friend disappears that she finds out that vampires are real and that goblins live in the forest.

Young and not good at magic, Ava is still learning. This endears the character to the reader and as this series evolves and expands Ava will become a more interesting and well-rounded individual.

The familiars in “A Witching Flavor” are adorable and entertaining. Having them speak so that everyone can hear them is not only unique but adds to the reader’s enjoyment.  Ava’s aunts and father are also fascinating characters with individual weaknesses and strengths.  All of them love Ava and want to see her happy, and safe. Ava’s current boyfriend, Damon is not a likable character. A reader will want to see Ava with someone a little less selfish, jealous and petty and a little more like her and her family.

The Witching Flavor is filled with drama, twists and turns and characters and a plot the reader will enjoy. The book is fast paced and can be read in one sitting. The plot thickens throughout the story ending in a showdown with the killer and an end to the mayhem that will leave the reader wanting more.

This book and series are recommended for anyone who enjoys a story that will make them laugh and hold their interest long enough to find out who did it.  There are a few editing errors that need to be fixed but none of them effect the overall story or enjoyment of the reader. If the reader enjoys books about witches, magic and the unexpected they will want to read The Witching Flavor.




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