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1312, A knight destined to rule…
Jareth Tremaine, the first Duke of Dover, has seen how he’s remembered in history books—either a saint who rules his lands with justice or a religious extremist whose harsh treatment of the church nearly has him executed.

But what history doesn’t disclose is that he’s essential to the world’s survival. After being wounded by ancient Huns using 21st century weapons, a girl is brought to aid his recovery—a girl who would become his duchess and the key to the future of Dover’s Amalgam.

A 21st century girl whose future has not been written…

Elizabet Blackwell isn’t surprised by wormholes. What shocks her is the multi-faceted personality of the titled knight. Sir Jareth is a nobleman, translator, surgeon—and he’s intent on locating and protecting a host. The host, she discovers, is a boy who practically lives in her backyard 700 years into Jareth’s future.

The re-scripting of history for the survival of nature’s attack on mankind…

Together they embark on their life’s journey and discover that they must protect each other even as they prepare the host for his destiny. Their quest must be to ensure the boy is secure and hidden from the evil forces who seek to exploit the power he contains.



I picked up this book because of one single reason. The blurb of the book got me curious about the time travel cause and effect in this book. We have all, by now, read at least one time travel book – and quite a few in my case – and in each case the blurb actually clarifies which character is time traveling but that is not the case this time around. So obviously I had to find out for myself.

Unlike my usual reviewing format, I will not summarize the plot as I am afraid I may give up spoilers with regards to the plot if I try. So I will get straight on to the characters… Elizabet Blackwell is a character that I liked quite a bit. She is brave and understanding with a good deal of wit about her – even though there were moments where her immaturity slipped through.

Her flaws made her more real to me. It was easy to like her for the person she eventually grows out to be. Jareth was loveable, brave and even inspirational. The contrasting personalities of Elizabet and Jareth make for an interesting read. Whenever these two were together, things always took an interesting turn and their chemistry was indeed a strong point of this book.

The author has done an admirable job of world building in the beginning. However, it lost the rhythm and there were quite a few points where I wanted to know more. The plot of the book was not as complex as I expected from a time travel novel and was very much predictable towards the end. Irrespective of the predictability, the book did not have a dull moment with its fast pace and quite a few adventures.
This was quite a debut novel. The author shows promise with her language, narrative and characters.

Rating: 4/5

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Guest review contributed by b00k r3vi3ws. Along with many book reviews, this blogger organizes and hosts “Spread Some Indie Love” and “International Author’s Day” blog hops every year.

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Faced with a monk’s dark prophecy that a natural disaster will soon strike Japan, killing millions, Rachel and Chase must embark on the mission of a lifetime in order to uncover the three cursed samurai swords that can avert the catastrophe.

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